Thursday, January 7, 2010

20 things to remember on weigh in day.

  1. The naughty and nice list isn't just for Christmas. Which are you on this week?
  2. Thin socks weigh less than thick socks.
  3. Shoes don't matter since you take them off before you step on the scale.
  4. Wear pants that don't need a belt.
  5. If you find "Sansabelt" pants in the closet, throw them out.
  6. Never wear a sweater while weighing in.
  7. The added weight of underwear is not worth not going commando.
  8. Don't eat beforehand.
  9. Drink as little water as possible when you take your morning vitamins.
  10. There is a limit to how many times you can go to the bathroom before a weigh in. Find that limit. Every time.
  11. Haircuts are optional (but can't hurt). Shaving is not optional.
  12. Hair gel is not encouraged.
  13. Cutting your toe nails beforehand won't change anything but cutting your fingernails might.
  14. Doing a workout before a weigh in can be viewed as cheating (unless you do it before every weigh in) since the weight lost from sweat loss will vary on the workout intensity.
  15. Leave the jewelry off.
  16. Blow your nose.
  17. Feelin' lucky?
  18. The meal after the weigh in should not be a considered a celebration requiring copious amounts of celebratory sweets.
  19. The number on the scale is more like a compass than a destination. Both are required for the journey.
  20. This isn't your last weigh in.
Today is body composition Thursday and I weighed in at home. My scale is evil. It said there is more work to do.


Manderz said...

This literally made me LOL

I agree the scale is definitely evil!

Georgia Snail said...

#19, by far the best piece of advice on the list of 20...but I do lurve #10...

Al's CL Reviews said...

14. I have never weighed less after a workout. So all those "drink what you lost" do no good for me.

18. Need to remember that one, as I often celebrate!

You need to add not to eat pizza or Chinese food the day before.


Jess said...

Great list! I also like: Eat a light meal the night before so you aren't feeling extra bloaty in the morning.

Diane said...

Laughing my ass off. I especially like, "My scale is evil." Keep up the good fight Joe.

And by the way, when do you head to Florida? Did I miss something?

Carolina John said...

i always expect the people on the biggest loser finale to show up with shaved heads. and it's always dissapointing that they won't sell themselves out that far.

Mike Russell said...

Dude you are losing, just falling behind a little. Now sprint and beat the hell out of that thing!

Big Clyde said...

#17. Does this make the scale the worst roulette table ever?

Carly said...

LMAO....I seriously take off my wedding ring and earings before I jump on the scale. I of course wear thin socks too.