Friday, January 22, 2010

How much does blood weigh?

My friend Mindyruns decided to organize a blood drive to celebrate her 50th birthday. She thought it would be a great thing to get at least 50 people to donate a pint each and I can't agree with her more. Although I've had disagreements with the blood center policies in the past (that I won't go into here), I decided to help her meet her goal. MrsRockstar and I couldn't make the official donation window so went down to the blood center this morning instead.

While on the table watching the so called fluid of life drip out of me I wondered how much a pint of blood weighs. I realized then I had a scheduling fail as I weighed in earlier that day and should have weighed in AFTER donating blood rather than BEFORE. Next time I'll be smarter (won't be the last time I say this phrase).

Even so the number on the scale was 251.6. This is down 1.6 from last week and I'm thinking a good compass is having the BMI click down at least a tenth every week. This upcoming week will be a challenging one for me. My daughter Courtney's birthday is coincidentally today and the birthday celebrations (read: multiple) for her are already scheduled. Hitting the scheduled workouts might be tough but I need to stay the course to keep on track with training and weight loss (I'm guessing the blood will grow back before I weigh in next time so no help there).

Got to get ready for hosting 20 something tweens for the first of the Courtney celebrations tonight. Happy Birthday, Mindyruns. Happy Birthday, Courtney.

PS: The blood center said we counted as pint 57, 58, and 59 for Mindy. I counted as two, not because I am a rock star but because they hooked me up to a newish machine called Alyx that takes out double of some stuff while it puts other stuff back into you. Sorry for the technobabble.


Tricia said...

What a great idea your friend had.

Jess said...

Love your friends idea! That's really thoughtful!

Good luck with the birthday celebrations. Remember it's OK to have a piece of cake every once in a while!

Diane said...

Hey great job on the weight loss and staying the course.

And really really best of wishes surviving 20 something tweens for a birthday party. You are a brave, brave man. I think that might even count as cross training for the week...

Big Clyde said...

Agreed. Great idea. I'm grabbing it.

Good luck on the tween celebration! Sounds fun, but tiring.

Mark said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog today and leaving your mark. Continued success on your weight loss. You'll get it done. My cousin took off 72 pounds two summers ago living with us, and managed to keep it off. Keep on keeping on hombre!

Anonymous said...

Twenty something tweens? You're a brave, brave man. I can almost hear the giggling from here.

Also, CarpeViam's pregnant! Pass it on!!! ;)

mindy said...

I so appreciated the blood donations! That was the best birthday present! Long Island Blood Services said that we broke thier record for a birthday blood drive!
Hang in there Rockstar!!!!