Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got tagged!? 10 things that make me happy.

Anne at Iron Dreams tagged me (Me? Yes, me) to post on 10 things that make me happy. First time I've ever been tagged so please forgive me for not following the proper protocol. So, without further ado, the ten:
  1. My wife and girls -  I could probably spend more than 10 things just on this one but I know I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't have them. Something that makes me especially happy is celebrating their successes with them.
  2. The feeling when I successfully finish a workout that I initially thought was completely insane and undoable.
  3. My coach and the EagleCrew - The sage guide and the buddies who supported me through my first two HIM and continue to expect more out of me since they know I can do more than I know. 
  4. The pride I feel during my continued quest for excellence (no, I am not channeling Bill and Ted) in whatever Dude (ok, maybe a little).
  5. My friends and extended family. They knew me before I was a rock star and even so still put up with me.
  6. Sarcasm and irony - stupid things just crack me up. Most are inappropriate in some context but that's ok, in fact it may be encouraged.
  7. Workout toys. I have 4 bicycles (the only one I haven't ridden in the past week is in the shop) with most cycling toys known to man included on at least one of them. Swim toys ( fins, H20 audio, buoys) are taking over the endless pool room (could be considered another toy itself). My latest addition to the toy chest is the Perfect Pushup to help me on the 100 pushup challenge (I've completed the first two weeks twice and will, repeat will break through the 3 week threshold this time).
  8. When I do something and later, months or even years, it turns out to be a really smart thing to have been done.
  9. Seeing results from hard work. It could be on the scale, on the power meter, on the watch, or as simple as being able to step away from the cookie. And then step away again.
  10. Inspiration from the blogerati (see 100 push ups and maybe even this blog post). Comments on posts that make me think and followers that lead as well as follow.
Now official protocol implies I'm supposed to call out 10 people to do also this too but I'm deciding to make this an opt-in activity. Part of this is due to the fact that this "tag" has spread faster than chicken pox in a 2nd grade class so dearest blogerati, followers, lurkers, and even lay people, please do this and publish as you wish. Let me know if you do and we'll see if we can make the opt-in protocol into a "thing." Soon everyone could be doing it and we'll all say it started here. That could make me happy (see number 8). Note if it isn't a "thing" I reserve the right to play it forward and tag the folks under blogs I follow (Look on the right side of the blog. No the other right. There. Got it? Good). Need more of a hint Jeanne, Jess, Scott, John, Mel, Lisa, Missy, Diane, Tom, Amanda, Alison, Mike, Danielle?

Thanks Anne.


Anonymous said...

#6 rocks! No really, it does. Seriously. I am not kidding here...

Amanda said...

Great list! I love toys too. and wish i could afford more. like another bike or two. i have two. the boyf has six. is that excessive?

I'm in.

ps- thanks for changing to comment pop-up window cause i couldn't leave them before, something to do with what is allowed on computer at work...

Diane said...

I accept your challenge! Will start thinking about this and post in a day or so. :)

Jess said...

Ohh I accept your challenge too and if I remember I will even do this for tomorrow!

The blogerati makes me super happy too!

Anne said...

Great list! I have really enjoyed getting to know my bloggy friends a bit better through these lists, so thanks for playing along!

I want to do the push up challenge, but for that to happen I need to write it in my training plan or it will never come to pass.

If my plan does not tell me to do it, it does not get done. If my plan tells me to jump off a bridge, I jump off a bridge ...

Great idea on the opt-in!