Thursday, May 21, 2020

The best version of youself

There was an interesting conversation on some completely forgettable television show the other day. I don't remember the show. I don't remember the day. I don't even remember the participants of the conversation. I don't remember why I was even watching it. Maybe the bigger problem could be my memory but that's a topic for a different post.

The gist of this talking head conversation was that many people have an aspiration to be the the best version of themselves but few people actually know what that means. "Best" is different for every person. It not necessarily reality. In fact, it might be very rare for many. It might just be an aspiration. Nobody is perfect but can you be better than what you are? What is better to you for you?

But if you know what is your vision of the best version of you, then you can work on becoming closer to that vision. It is sort of obvious but in this time of establishing new norms due to quarantining it might be something to think about.

I think this "new normal" is going to last more than we expect. Do you know what your best version of yourself is or what type of person you aspire to be? Where are the gaps and what is the plan to minimize them?

I'm going to spend some time trying to write some of this down in the upcoming days. Join in if you want.

Stay tuned.