Racing Lessons

From StA:

  • Follow the plan.
  • Don't go out too hard on the bike.
  • Always wear socks on the run.
  • Eat 2 hours before you race.
  • Never skip a bottle exchange.
  • Put lotion everywhere including face and other places otherwise you will be called spot.
  • Bring extra clothes to the start - there may be delays.

From Quassy:
  • It will be colder in the morning than you expect. Bring sweats
  • Pack an extra towel for a practice swim.
  • Don't expect to check into the hotel early
  • Bring scissors to "customize" the bike race number
  • Don't go to dinner with the crew the night before. It will last forever
  • Lotion needs to be functional
  • Bring yet another towel to dry off the bike from dew/rain
BE HERE NOW! Don’t worry about what is behind you & don’t think too much about what lies ahead. All you can affect is right here, right now. It’s one stroke/buoy, one pedal/hill, one step/one aide station.