Saturday, September 10, 2016

What were the most significant days in your life?

On this upcoming 15th anniversary of 9/11/01, my mind was wandering around the concept of the top days of one's life. The context is often when people being interviewed say something along the lines of "after the day of the birth of my children, today is the mos important day in my life. Some people keep a top 10 day of life list. Some are days that something good happened, some days something bad. I decided to give it a try:

1) The day I married my wife. (GOOD)
2-3) The days that my two children were born. (GOOD)
4) 9/11/01 - I had a 10am meeting in WTC, I never made it. My professional career changed significantly. (BAD)
5) 11/5/11 - the day I completed my first and only(so far) ironman. (GOOD)
6) 7/25/92 - Christmas in July. The day my then girlfriend agreed to become my wife-to-be by saying yes. (GOOD)
7) 9/15/08 - The death of Lehman Brothers. (BAD)
8) 9/8/09 - The day I lost a bike vs. car collision . (BAD)
9) A private bad day so bad that I won't discuss and will never on social media. (BAD)
10) 2/15/1990 - the day of my back surgery. (GOOD and BAD)

There are more good than bad but I think my quest needs to be to replace the existing bad with better goods.

Do you keep a list?