Monday, April 14, 2014

Beiber, musicals and allergies

Last week I was in Miami for a work thing. I won't bore you with the details except that we were in a nice hotel and vendors were sucking up to me. At the beginning of our first meeting, it was announced that Justin Bieber had rented the whole penthouse floor of our hotel so that's why there was a pack of 14 year old girls at the end of the entrance driveway into the hotel cheering as every car arrived. I didn't notice this (perhaps because I'm used to adoration) and I never ran into any of Bieber's entourage although others in my meeting did. I'm still be proud of the fact that I've never consciously listened to any of his songs.

The net of this trip with the 80 degree temperatures, on the beach, with people running on a trail was that I was psyched to exercise when I came home. I nailed a bike workout on Saturday and Sunday I had riding 1:45 on the plan. I woke up a little tired from the first real workout in a while but was going to ride in the afternoon after it warmed up a bit. My wife then told be that she went online and saw available 3rd row tickets to see Les Mis on Broadway that afternoon. There were two seats available.

I hate Les Mis. I believe it is painful to sit through most musicals and Les Mis is one of the worst. She offered to take my youngest daughter instead of me (my older one had a rehearsal herself). Deal! They bought the tickets.

I did my ride, very casually, coasting way too much. There was no rush to get home since the rest of the family was at the play. But this weekend was riding outside as compared to inside at spin classes. The only downside was that it seemed that all seasonal allergies took hold and I'm paying that price now.

I have only one spin class left in my prepaid pack. Maybe I'll use it later this week since the weather is supposed to be bad. There is something wrong with snow in the forecast in April. Sure hope, if I go, there are no Bieber songs at this spin class. Would a Les Mis song be worse? Maybe, maybe not.