Sunday, November 16, 2014

My best blog post ever!

Last weekend I wrote what in retrospect must have been my best blog post ever. I hadn't posted anything for a while but was happy that I decided to actually sign up for a race: the 4 miler in Central Park on Superbowl Sunday morning before the game.

I confessed how fat I've gotten in the 3 years since my Ironman finish (it was basically my ironversary) and how while I've got some training challenges in front of me, bigger problems for me are my diet, body composition and general health. I dreamed about where this race could lead, perhaps even another Iron journey as kid#2 will be in college in fall of 2016.

I posted that blog entry. And nothing happened.

Later that night, I checked my site to see what was up. The post was gone, In its place was a draft list of the races to lead up to another ironman that I jotted down for a future post but the original epic post vanished.

Blogger ate it, the best blog entry ever.

I guess I need to post more to try to capture lightening in a bottle again. Do some training, watch my diet, and get back in the game, Be the athletic muse for the writer that I can be. Accomplish something that could lead to something epic. Look forward, not backward.

Game on.