Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow up on the Marathon Dilemma

Last week in this post I posed a question regarding to register for the 2011 NYC Marathon even though I wasn't planning on racing it to get the option for 2012 or not to register. I did a little more research and found to register for the 2011 NYC marathon will cost me $165. The executive summary is that I decided not to waste spend that money.

I realized that I was miscounting the 9+1. I've already raced one NYRR race in 2011 - the Gridiron Classic. I've already registered for three others (Colon Cancer 15k on Mar27, Wall Street Run on May17, and Brooklyn Half on May21). As part of Ironman training I am planning on running Grete's Great Gallop (half Marathon) on Oct1 and the Staten Island Half Marathon on Oct9 as supported long training runs. I didn't want to commit to any races after my Ironman but then needed to see if I could find 3 more that fit in the schedule.

I found two without looking too hard. I've registered for the NYRR Scotland Run 10k on Apr10 and the NYRR Healthy Kidney 10k on May14. Each is costing me $18. I need to find one more to run and one to volunteer but that shouldn't be that hard.

Even if that doesn't happen, as many pointed out, there are many more marathons worthy of consideration. Another choice is not to do one at all.

In any event, that $165 stays in my pocket.


PS: Some of it didn't stay in my pocket that long since I registered for the Mini Mighty Man (400m pool swim, 6m bike, 2m run). I'm going to use it to practice transitions as it is the week before St Anthony's.


Unknown said...

That is a lot of running! You already know my thoughts *wink* in what you should do!

Kate Geisen said...

Always a good feeling when the plan starts coming together. And saving money, even if it's to spend somewhere else, is a good thing.

KovasP said...

So much better to actually get something for your money rather than just the possibility.

Georgia Snail said...

Mybe you can find a "fat ass" type ultra run...MUCH cheaper (some are free) and a 50k isn't much different training wise than a full mary...just a thought.