Sunday, March 27, 2011

Periodic Ponderings.

I've noticed recently that I get a lot of brain farts. Some of these turn into full fledged blog posts while others just dissipate into the wind. I've decided to collect them together and published them as "periodic ponderings." Perhaps this can grow into a regular "feature" here at

  • I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "Mean people breed little mean people."

  • I woke up early on Saturday planning to ride outside. It was 24 degrees and the wind was howling. I saw the front tire was flat. I went back to sleep. Later when I got up I did my 75 minutes on the trainer.

  • I knocked off the virtual Cupcake Half Marathon during my training last week. Thanks to Jason for setting this up.

  • When I originally found out about the Cupcake I was thinking about doing the full. I realized the mileage would be close since I had a 15k scheduled for Sunday (after they were breaking down the virtual finish line on Saturday). I chose wisely has I dinged my ankle/foot up a little last weekend running a 4x1m tempo run.

  • I switched the picture of the bike on the top of this blog to my Guru Veloci'Ti SL Road Bike. Other bikes will be making appearances. Yes, the were getting jealous.

  • There is something magical about watching spring training baseball games on television as you putter around the house getting things done. It is hard to be optimistic about the Mets.

  • In addition to my day-to-day car, I have a Mustang convertible (aka the mid life crisis) that has been mostly in the stable with the snow on the ground. I started it up and there was a rude smell that I couldn't identify. I finally found the rotten fruit that has been in there for a few months was the cause of this odor. Airing it out and hoping that I don't need to invent some kind of smell remover. Baking soda is on deck.

  • The aforementioned 15k had all the indications of a train wreck due to my foot/ankle hurting. It didn't disappoint but I finished anyway. This made me realize that staying relatively injury free is a key for me.

  • During the week I read something about how the funds donated for the recovery from the Japan crisis is well behind many of the other recent "disasters." Check out a similar story here. Of course, my mind started wandering to try to come up with a reason. It is still wandering.

  • The last time I filled up my car with gas made me angry. With the price of gas (this morning at 3.799/gallon for regular), the capacity of the gas tank (21 gallons), and the station pre-authorizing credit cards for a max of $75, I wasn't able to fill the tank before I hit the max. I was more angry that they didn't realize that they need to raise the pre=auth number than the price of gas. That made me even more angry that I should have been more upset at the price of the gas itself.

  • I didn't win the $312MM MegaMillions jackpot. If I did, gas prices would have been less of an issue.


Pahla said...

Personally, I think the price of gas is the reason behind the lack of giving to Japan. We're paying $4.08 in my back yard, I'd give my left hand for $3.79!

Unknown said...

I really like the Guru, your right it looks tight without any paint (-:

Caroline said...

"Mean people breed little mean people."

I love it!!!

Michael said...

Love the bumper sticker. I'm with you on the gas too - every time I get gas it puts me in a bad mood!

Unknown said...

I've seen living proof of the mean people bumper sticker!

Heather said...

Let me know if you find anything magical to douse the smell in the crisis car. I could definitely use it.

Good job on the virtual!!

Caratunk Girl said...

THe mean people breed little mean people is a good one.

Hope the ankle is OK.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"Mean people breed little mean people."

LMAO!!! QUote of the day!!!

joyRuN said...

Ah, it would've been nice to hit that ginormous jackpot!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I find rotting food in my car way too often. An open bag of charcoal briquettes should help soak up the smell.

Tri-James said...

When gas goes up it makes my time on the bike even more valuable.