Friday, January 29, 2010

New Month Resolution: Anti-Fatty February

What I have been doing on the weight loss front just isn't working well. It is just that the effort I'm putting in does not reflect in the results. While my weight hasn't gone up too much, I've yo-yoed in a small range, never really getting the breakthrough I think I need. I've found that I do well during the week but the weekends are my nemesis.

My injuries haven't let me really push training so the amount of training that I've been doing feels like much less than usual. It probably isn't a tremendous amount less but it feels like a lot less. Doctor's orders say that my rides can only be at an easy (exact quote: "not crazy like a spin class") effort. No running (limited strolling instead) and I'm still building up my swim duration from my broken rib. It is better than stopping cold turkey but I can't count on bumping up the workouts to help burn more calories.

So I need to mix it up a bit. Call it what you want: induction, detox, boot camp, intervention, refocus, pond scum (?), whatever. I've decided to make February an intense focus on weight loss. Call it Anti-Fatty February. What does that mean?
  • I'm not really leveraging WeWa properly so I'm stopping paying the monthly fee. My doctor once said most any of the major diet programs work IF YOU FOLLOW THEM. I haven't been following it (and it shows) so it is time to try something different.
  • I'm going to use The Daily Plate to track all the food that goes in my tummy. This will help me identify where I succeed and where I fail. Sort of using this to identify red, amber, and green times and days.
  • I'm going to track my weight daily to see if the weekend nemesis continues. I'll post on the blog the weekly weight on Fatty Friday (or hopefully anti-fatty Friday).
  • I'm not a saint so I'm giving myself two days of amnesty already: 2/7 (there is a football game that day, a new microbrew for me [Blue Point Winter Ale] is already in the fridge and I bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue to sip a bit while the game ) and 2/13 (dinner plans at Morton's for Valentines Day/MrsRockstar B-day).
  • I'm not going to set a weight loss target. I doubt I will get where I need to be in one month (I'm about 25 pounds off) but this is just to get me on the right direction and path again.
  • I've already apologized to my family as I expect it to be miserable to be around me for a few weeks.

I hope that by March I'll be able to kick up the training a bit. My hip/knee seems to be improving but at a glacial pace. Walking seems to help and I should be able to swim long enough to resume Team Total Training Master's Swim classes soon. Guppies, here I come to join you. Watch out, fat guy doing cannonballs.

Losing weight can't wait until my injury heals. This can be the new month resolution for February. I'll keep grinding away at the January resolutions but add this one to the pile.

Rock on.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that Winter Ale sounds good.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hear you on the weight loss thing. It is hard.

My friend looked at my food journal and said cut out the diet soda! I'm on day 3 of no diet coke. I miss the bubbly goodness that it is.

Mike said...

I found a 48 hr stomach virus surprisingly effective.
Down 2 Kg in 48 hrs... probably lost 20W though!

Unknown said...

good luck. i struggle with weight loss too. i'm only tring to loose a pound a week right now and that's been difficult. sigh

Mike Russell said...

So how did you do the experiment that you talked about on my blog? I would love to see if I have the equipment to do it.

On my ride this morning everything was back to normal. Training is going well, but not 290+ watts for 60 minutes well. If I could do that, I would have to change my name to RockStarTri...

Carolina John said...

i have found that heavy training and weight loss rarely coincide. so use this injury timeout as a positive by reigning in the scale digits. I really like where you're headed with this Joe. Keep your focus and your logs intact and you will love the end result.

Jess said...

Weekends are my nemesis too on the weight front. I blame it on the BF and his love of going out to eat. But umm really it's my fault that I just don't eat better.

Diane said...

Best of luck Joe. I've noticed that no eating after dinner works wonders for me. Sort of a no brainer I guess, but sometimes difficult to execute!

Diane said...

And by the way, how is your 100 PUSH UPS program coming along? I just finished week 3.

Tricia said...

Good luck with your goals! I think using this down time is a great time to focus on losing weight!