Sunday, November 27, 2011

Game on.

I got medical clearance to resume any and all activities last week. DrFeets said it would take a few more weeks for all the healing to complete but everything looks good enough to go. For some strange reason he doubts that I have the ability to stop doing something just because it hurts a little so he advised me to be overly cautious.

Even though I had clearance, I didn't do any training this weekend since Mrs Rockstar and I went away for the weekend (without the kids) to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Connecticut, stayed in a B&B, did some Christmas shopping, ate way too much food, and generally enjoyed just being together. We need to make "us time" more of a priority.

A downside to not training is that I feel fat. Fatter than normal fatness. I haven't been on a scale in a while and it won't be a good number. I've been eating horribly and I'm making up for it in volume (a bad combination). That all ends tomorrow morning when I start my, to steal from Carolina John, Monday Morning Naked Weight. I need to be accountable with logging my food and tracking my weight since you can't manage something unless you measure it. I may sign up for Weight Watchers but I may not right away. I doubt that they can understand that someone with my body composition can finish an Ironman let alone gain weight while training for it. Now that my activity level has gone down my caloric intake needs to decline on at least a corresponding basis. This blog won't turn completely into a weight loss blog but it will be a focus of mine for a while.

Just as important, my body and mind wants to start training again. No, it wasn't due to my coach texting my wife (mistakenly instead of me) to join him for a 3 hour ride this morning but it is time to get back in the game. I'm not going to go crazy with training and focus initially on technique. I won't be afraid to take an extra day off here and there. Training at some level needs to be enjoyable and getting back to that state is yet another of my goals.

Game on.


Kate Geisen said...

Woo hoo! Back to training!

I haven't been weighing myself in a while, and I know it's not good. I'm getting to where I'm ready to stop saying that and do something about it.

You definitely need to be able to just enjoy the training. I'm sure it'll help that you no longer have to be so singlemindedly focused.

And yes, there was plenty of food left. :)

TriMOEngr said...

Looking forward to seeing more updates as you re-engage post recovery. My "Sunday morning naked weight" wasn't what I wanted it to be after a weekend of some mild overindulgence so I've tried to do better today and did get in a short walk with my husband (trying to get more "us" time while still getting a little exercise). We went some Maine B&B's last year after we celebrated 15 years. Loved it! Happy Anniversary! Best wishes as you try to log better food choices (in both quality and quantity).

Caratunk Girl said...

That is awesome you are ready to get going again!! It took me 3 months!!!

Caroline said...

Great news!
Happy Anniversary!!!

Patty said...

YAY!!!! That is SO awesome that you got clearance and are good to go!!! WOOT WOOT! Hit up that food journaling and get on the bike. The weight will start creeping back down in no time!!

adena said...

I cut out wheat, dairy and sugar three weeks ago and honestly have never felt better. I'm back on a bit of dairy, but no cheese, which is a bit torturous. I have completely stopped snacking at night. Maybe give it a try, it's not nearly as daunting as it sounds.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the medical clearance and Happy Anniversary

Big Clyde said...

I've been away for awhile and am getting caught up now on your blog. So glad to read your aggressive 2012 schedule.

I also sympathize with your feelings of eating horribly, etc. The weather, the holiday and lack of focus can lead us all to comfort foods and American-sized portions. I am so guilty of it. Thanks for letting me so that you are human too. I'll grab some motivation and get back on track.