Friday, May 21, 2010

Updates and Updates.

  1. After his bike crash last weekend, Cary is OK physically with the biggest impact from some road rash and dings. Specialized has requested that the bike shop send the bike back to them so they can make sure there is no microfracture in the frame or fork. I think checking the bike out a good idea as you don't want to find out there is an issue at >30 mph. He is still on track for rocking IMLP - now it is heavy training load time for him.
  2. I bought the picture from this post. Think I'm going to set up a "wall of shame" for my purchased event pictures.
  3. I went to the bike shop and got new cleats on my road bike shoes to cure my clipping in problem from last week. My wife was happy since I didn't come home with anything more expensive that the $30 cleats but that Tarmac SL3 S-Works is looking sweeter every day. It is hard to rationalize spending the money though (especially since I already have two other road bikes).
  4. Physical therapy has started yet again. Why is it that doing the simple things that they ask you to do make you feel like you've been hit with a hammer?
  5. I got an email saying the Runner's Edge TOBAY triathlon was close to closing out. This race is at the end of August and I hope to be able to run some by then. Ever the optimist, I sent in the registration fee.
  6. I broke the 50 follower threshold. When I started this rambling I never thought it would turn into what it has turned into. Thanks to all for checking in from time to time and for your support. (think that sounds a little like Bartles and James? Ed thinks so.)


Julie said...

Yea, you purchased the picture:) Good is a great picture! Congrats on the 50 of them is me:) Have a great weekend Rock Star!

Kathleen said...

I am glad you bought the picture :)
Good for you for showing such self control while in the bike store. It isn't easy!

Big Clyde said...

Yeah, it's a good picture, Rock. Show it off with pride!

Caratunk Girl said...

So glad you got that picture! WOOT on 50 followers! And on the self-control at the bike shop (I personally have no self-control at the LBS!) :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with the PT again!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Woo-Hoo! Congrats on hitting the 50 threshold! I don't think my blog has had 50 hits. Who knew people on the Intertubes were so discriminating?

As for number 4:

Because nothing is easier than hitting yourself with a hammer. Trust me on this. I know. When I get my PT license, I am going to offer nothing but hammer therapy.

I'll bash my patients REAL GOOD!1!

(That's why I'll have an ironclad payment upfront policy. NO EXCEPTIONS! You think I'm bashing you with a hammer because it's fun? Glaven gotz ta get PAID!)

I start shoulder PT tomorrow. I'm bringing my own hammer.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its so hard to control oneself in a LBS.

At least you get emails about races you are eyeing, I dont. Now you have something to look forward too