Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random things about me.

Julie from Julie's Running blog tagged me to share some random facts about myself. There were originally supposed to be 10 facts but another one might be that I don't follow directions all that well. Have fun with these:
  1. I don't drink coffee. Never aquired the taste for it. I don't even like the smell of it.

  2. I played piano professionally for years starting before I could drive. I did shows, a little recording, a lot of club dates, piano bar and all sorts of things like that. I was good by not great. It became work for me and I rarely play anymore.

  3. The tri and running buddy who gave me the nickname Rock Star doesn't know I actually performed music professionally. Even so, he is a SUPERSTAR!

  4. Both of my children are better musicians already than I ever was.

  5. My father is the best musician I ever played with even though we rarely played together since we both play piano.

  6. I was a rocket scientist at one point in my life.

  7. I ran sprints on the track teams in high school winning 4 varsity letters. I wasn't very fast.

  8. A few years ago I was awarded a patent for some obscure computer technology process I developed with some of the smart people who worked for me at the time. We made $0.00 from it.

  9. On 9/11/2001, I had a meeting scheduled at the World Trade Center for 10AM to review the offices they were building for me and my team on the 34th floor of 1 WTC. At the last minute, a 9am emergency meeting (that I had to go to) was scheduled in my Jersey City office. I went to New Jersey early and planned on taking the ferry over in time to go to the meeting. Instead I watched the events of that day unfold from my NJ office window (which faced the trade center from right across the Hudson). I got home from work that day about two weeks later. Emergencies are relative.

  10. My wife is the best person I'll ever know.

  11. My children (string players) recently told me that my birthday is the same day as Antonio Vivaldi. He would be 332 years old. I'm younger (just by a little).
Feel free to hop on this bandwagon and use this topic as inspiration for your own blog! The last tagging led to some good writing by the folks who picked up the gauntlet. Have fun with it!


Diane said...

WOW. I can't get over #1, #2, #6 and #9. what an interesting life you lead and have lead Joe.

Despite the fact that you do not partake of the sweet exilir known as coffee, you are still one very interesting guy.

Loved learning more about you!

Tri Mommy said...

You have an amazing life... and by the way, I don't believe in coincidence. So your amazing life is still here for a reason. : ) I'm glad I get to know you a bit through the blogosphere!

Julie said...

Thanks for accepting my tag:) You are a good sport!! I loved your list:) A Rock Star name for a rock star for real:) Wow, you played piano professionally and now the kids are taking after dad by being musically talented:) I love your sweet to mention what a special person that your wife is:) You ran track in high school too...excellent!! This was great to learn more about you..thanks!! Have a good one!!

Dee said...

Incredible... :-)

Amanda said...

#9 gave me chills. for real.

and you deserve that rockstar nickname.

Carolina John said...

Rockstar indeed. That's really cool stuff joe! I did not know you were a pianist. Next time you're on pandora, search for Slow Runner. I have a brother who is also a professional musician, you would like his work i bet.

and i can't believe you escaped 9/11 like that. wow. I have a cousin who was a student at NYU at the time. scary stuff.

Al's CL Reviews said...

#9 gave me goosebumps.

Cool about the piano!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I ate a piece of coffee flavored candy. Absolutely horrifying. Never touched a cup of coffee becuase of it.

Lorie said...

Happy Birthday to one of the best dads and friend I am honored to know. (And your wife is the best person I know too!)

Big Clyde said...

Yes, very amazing life and it is fun to get to know you better this way. I think I'll take you up on the suggestion to do this on my blog soon as well.

Thanks for the advice, Rock.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, this is why I love these list. Thanks for sharing.

RunningLaur said...

Happy Birthday! (I guess not many people know when Vilvadi's bday is... thanks, Google!)

Very cool tidbits - it's always so fun to learn the unusual things about bloggers.

Tricia said...

loved the list, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wowzer. You just made everyone else's list look pretty damned dull.

Mark said...

Vivaldi is kick-ass man. Played a mean fiddle. You're in good company.

Sorry to hear about your injury. Hang in there though. I never thought I would run again after my marathon in September. I injured myself so badly that I could barely walk down the stairs. Thankfully, I'm running again.