Sunday, March 7, 2010

NYRR Coogan's Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

Imagine a conversation something like this:

Me: "I have another one of those NYRR races this weekend. It will be the 3rd of the 9."
Mrs: "Really."
Me: "This one is a 5k. It is shorter than most of them."
Mrs:"Are you walking this one or running it?"
Me:"Don't know yet. We'll see how my hip feels."
Me: "I think I figured it out that I can qualify for the 2011 NYC Marathon by doing no race longer than 4 miles."

Mrs: "That's 2011, right."
Me: "Yes, 2011. I'm already in for 2010."
Mrs: "You're still expecting to run the marathon in 2010?"
Me:"If everything works out right."
Mrs:"And to do the marathon you'll probably have to train?"
Mrs:"And marathon training normally includes running?"
Me(after a slight pause):"Yes"
Mrs:"And you haven't gotten anything new from the doctor since a only few days ago where he said running is the worst thing for you at this time."
Me(after a longer pause):"No, nothing new."
Mrs:"And you really can't run well now?"
Me:"No, not up to my typical standards. And those standards are low to begin with! Ha!"
Mrs: "And you have times where you can't even walk right without pain."
Me:"Well, yea."
Mrs:"You are thinking about surgery because of the pain? "
Me(back to inserting pauses):"Thinking about it."
Mrs."So, why are you doing this race?"
Me: Silence, looking down at my size 14s.
Mrs:"You know I don't want to be viewed as non supportive but I think that soon you might realize that something is a little off with your logic about doing these races with your injury."
Me:"What do you mean? It's only a 5k!"
Mrs:"I'm sure you'll figure it out."

I did the Coogan's NYRR 5K this morning. Ran more than I expected but forced myself to walk a lot. Race course was crowded with about 7500 racers. Hillier than I expected. Finished in 37:43 for a 12:10/mile pace overall since I really didn't want to push the pace. I handed out tee shirts at the NYRR office on Friday afternoon for this race so I met my volunteer requirement too.

PS: One of the things I left out on the random facts about me is that one of my strengths is my ability to focus on a problem. Unfortunately, it is one of my weakness too.

PPS: "Facts are stubborn things" - Ronald Reagan.


Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with doing the 5K - and congrats on that!

But thinking about a marathon this year (others may not agree with me but) Mrs might be right.

Next year, is another story though.

Julie said...

Good job! Wow, you did pretty darn awesome!! You really are a rock star:) I am hoping that you will heal and that it will be possible for you to run your marathon. If not...remember there is always next year:) Chin up...stay positive!

Big Clyde said...

Rock, I think that your wife and doctor are right on this. As much as I cheer your success today and your drive, I find myself being concerned for you. Is it likely that you might permanently injure yourself by not temporarily pulling back for this season? I hope not.

I'm pulling for you on this and as always, will follow along.

Diane said...

I've never met your wife but I already think she is a genius. Maybe holding out until 2011 on that full marathon isn't such a bad idea...

Carolina John said...

Keep your chin up brother. everything will come back in time. speed, marathons, pains, all of it.

Unknown said...

It is amazing how much smarter our wives are then us, huh?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sorry, but I have to side with the Mrs. Its better to miss a race and heal then to race and the injury causes you never to race again. I agree with jeff too

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Congrats on the race. I am new 'round here so will need to read up. I have found that my wife usually offers a good third person viewpoint, especially when it comes to injuries. (I hate when she is right.)

Tri Girl Tri! said...

Great job on the race! That course is unbelievably hilly. I ran it last year and wanted to cry at the turn around, because I realized I had to do it all over again.

joyRuN said...

Runners are stubborn creatures for sure. Even more so when injured :)