Friday, August 13, 2010

The road to recovery.

  • I've been walking a ton. It is 2.5 miles from my office in Tribeca to Penn Station (where I need to go to get the LIRR home). I've done that walk at least one way most days, some days both ways.

  • I went swimming for the first time since my accident the other night. My hand hurt but it was tolerable. Since it is my "off season" now it is drill after drill for a while. Drill of the week: Catch up.

  • I asked the Syracuse 70.3 folks via email what they could do for me since I wouldn't be able to race due to injury. I figured since I was telling them so far in advance they could either fill my entry with someone else who wanted to race or cut down on some of the swag they needed. I wasn't looking for money back but it would be nice if the offered me early entry for next year. They said per policy they could do nothing. I'll have someone pick up my swag for me.

  • I cancelled my reservation at the hotel for Syracuse.

  • I gained about 10 pounds in my month of relative inactivity.

  • I hope to get on the bike outside again tomorrow. I've only done stationary biking since the face plant.

  • I ordered a month of Nutrisystems food to jump start the weight loss. Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

2.5 miles is a decent walk, and on days when you are able to walk it both ways...that's a great way to sneak in some fitness.

bummer that they can't do anything about your 70.3 entry.

Ewa said...

I hope you heal soon.
I gained a lot of weight since I injured my achilles tendon even though I walked, hiked, and tried other exercises.
Now that I am beginning to run I feel like my appetite gets more under control and I am finally getting back in shape.

Pahla said...

Good job staying positive and getting back into the swing of things!

Kathleen said...

Nutri Systems works. You sound like your ready for the challenge.
It is all about will power and I can tell you have it.
Best of luck with the jump start on the weight loss.
Glad to hear that you are healing.

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

That daily walk is long lol. I walk from Penn to 20th in chelsea (1.1 miles) and I still get lazy to do it sometimes. Good luck on the road back!

Caratunk Girl said...

Way to keep active with the injury. When I couldn't run I was walking my dog about 2.5 miles every day.

Bummer about the 70.3 entry - that sucks!

Getting your bike outside will be really nice.

Good luck on the jump start - injuries can be frustrating, but coming back from them can be super rewarding. Best of luck!

Unknown said...

Take your time and don't push too hard too early! This sport will be waiting for you when you are back to full health!

Al's CL Reviews said...

If you get tired of Nutrisystems try Sparkpeople or Daily Plate (free). SP (I haven't used DP), will adjust your calories based on your exercise. I didn't lose weight when I had couldn't do anything, but I didn't gain either.

Glad you are walking. The heat is killing me.

Julie said...

Hi Rock Star,
Way to go getting out there and walking some. I agree with Jeff...make sure you take the time to heal and don't go all gang busters:) Take care of yourself and stay positive!