Friday, August 27, 2010

Perhaps and perhaps not.

Week 2 (aka 10 weeks to go) resulted in an additional weight loss of 1.8 pounds. This is a total loss of 7.6 pounds over 2 weeks. The good news is that it is still a good start. The bad news is that I was hoping to maintain a two pound per week loss after the first week. Was this expectation realistic?

Perhaps and perhaps not.

On the "perhaps" side of this equation is that missing from my agenda are real workouts. I've been walking a lot but haven't done a focused workout since my accident. It is time to mix some sweat into the equation and make this back into more a triathlon blog rather than a pity party blog. I've jumpstarted the weight loss and now it is time to jump start the training by crafting a workout plan and following it. I'm going to keep the running off the calendar (the walking will cover that aspect for a while) but shoot to mix in 3 swims and 3 bikes per week. I've put my tri bike on the trainer, I've bought season 3 and season 4 of "Northern Exposure" on DVD to watch on the trainer. Losing 1.8 isn't bad without the work outs.

On the "perhaps not" side of the equation is that I've taken some liberties with following the diet. I need to reduce the liberties since I feel that if I go off the "program" for even a single meal, it takes my body about two days to make up for it. Sad, yes but something that I need to be aware of.

In related news, I was supposed to race this weekend, the Runner's Edge TOBAY sprint triathlon. Part of me was thinking I should just do the 1000m swim as a workout and hand in my chip. Another part of me thought about mixing in the bike and/or run but then I realized the only thing I would accomplish by this was hurting myself due to the lack of training so I've decided to not race at all. My daughter is racing as part of a relay so I'll be there to cheer her on and maybe help out with the race logistics a bit.

Will I be itching to race watching everyone else? Perhaps and perhaps not. We'll see.


Unknown said...

It's hard to let go of races when we're injured. I think you made a wise choice though. You need to heal.

Pahla said...

Going to other people's races while you're injured is such a bummer, but great choice not pushing your own limits on this one. Congrats on the jump-started weight loss and renewing your focus on workouts!

Big Clyde said...

Good job on the loss! That is certainly progress. Looking forward to hearing about your punishing workouts. You definitely seem to push yourself when you get in the zone. Sounds like you are heading there.

Ewa said...

Hey, you ARE making progress and should pat yourself on the shoulder. It is a wise decision to recover well before you start running. I wish I had listened to my inner voice telling me to do so. It took me a lot longer than it should have to heal because I had to run while still injured. It was not worth it.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say good luck to your daughter's relay! i am sure friendly fire will do great!

Caratunk Girl said...

I call it progress, on average you are above your goal (I like averages when they work to my advantage!) Seriously, just keep at it, some weeks you are going to lose mroe than others, some you might just maintain - just keep pluggin away - it is a marathon, not a sprint! :) You are doing awesome.

Oh, and heal up man. I would be going nuts too. Try not to push it and focus on 2011 season race goals if you can.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Being injured sucks! But congrats on the loss!