Sunday, August 15, 2010

The return of concierge service

My goal this weekend was to get back on the bike for a no pressure, easy outdoor ride to test out the progress of my left hand. I wanted to do a short, mellow ride outside to see if I could handle the bike. My first thought was to join the LITC group that was riding 90 minutes, running 30, riding 90, and running 30 with the goal of just doing the first 90 minute ride but then I thought better of it.

My second thought was to just ride around the neighborhood but that seemed really boring. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to do something outside. The choice I settled on was asking my wife and younger daughter Courtney if they wanted to go for a "family" ride along the bike trail from Cedar Creek Park to Jones beach. This 4.5 mile paved path is a gathering spot for casual bikers, runners, rollerbladers, and walkers. Amanda is away so it wasn't a true family ride but it looked like it could be a good compromise. You can't hammer on this route, there are no cars, it is short enough so I should be able to tough it out if things went bad or even turn around if necessary. In short, good for all.

When I posed this offer to my wife she asked, "Do we get concierge service? Will you load the bikes on the car and pump up the tires?" I dutifully said, "Yes, Ma'am," and started loading up the minivan for a biking adventure. Bike rack on, bikes on, pump in the car, helmets in the car, and I looked up and saw my wife and daughter ready to go with water bottles for all.

We had fun. Courtney set the pace so we kept it under control. :) I found unexpected bumps hurt. I also found that even though I put the cycling gloves in the car, they never made it on my hands. The eureka moment when I realized that I forgot them was at the far end of the trail. Oh well, next time.

I came home and showered. When I came out of the shower my wife said that she took the bikes off the rack, put them in the garage, took the helmets and stuff out of the car but she needed my help to remove the rack from the hitch. I wasn't expecting concierge service for myself but wasn't complaining.

Concierge service is good. What else in life should have concierge service?


Caratunk Girl said...

That is awesome!! When are you coming to Caratunk??

Pahla said...

I love it! Really, what in life *shouldn't* have concierge service? So glad your hand is doing better and how nice to spend bike time with your family. :-)

Unknown said...

Coffee in the morning should have concierge service...that's what i'm thinking.

Big Clyde said...

I love the concierge service for the bikes...if that is the price we pay to ride with family, so be it. I am the concierge at our house.

I agree with Lisa: coffee service, first thing in the morning.

Aka Alice said...

All events should have concierge service...before a race, I want to be dropped off near the start line, and afterwards, I want to be picked up (near the finish) by someone who is going to hand me a cold beverage (preferable mimosa).

Sounds good, no?

joyRuN said...

Can you come concierge for me on my next bike ride? Maybe then I'll never have to learn how to fix my own flat!

Heather said...

Concierge service is awesome! The Coach concierges all my races.

That was nice of your wife to repay. I'll have to find a way to do the same for my spouse. (Carry his large supply of sunscreen?)

I am glad you got to ride. I hope your recovery continues at a good pace.

Travel / Surf Guy said...

Nice effort - family time is the best!!!

Mate, I can sympathise with you. I’m in my off season right now and had knee surgery to repair a torn cartilage back in May. I have been swimming and biking but am due to try and start the running as my first event for the upcoming season is October 3rd.

Take it easy and rest up.