Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some things learned

  • Sami, Emily, and Amanda (otherwise known as Friendly Fire) did very well at the Runner's Edge Tobay Triathlon coming in 3rd place in their division.
  • All the parents were very proud. Realize these were teenagers that got up at 5am to race on the second to last weekend of the summer before school starts. Yes, 5AM. Yes, to race. Did I say we were proud of them? 3rd place was a bonus.
  • Unfortunately the parents (including yours truly) of these athletic young ladies didn't realize that this third place finish was for a division that awarded hardware (all female). We have to get their hardware during this week. Thing #1 learned this week.
  • Of course when I don't do the race, the swim seemed shorter than advertised. Next year, if I race this event, the 1km swim, I'm sure, will rival an Oly swim or perhaps a half iron. It has in the past.
  • I tried to cheer on the girls the best I could but that meant running a lot from point to point on the course. I counted this as a workout but realized that I would do more training following with a "plan." Thing #2 learned this week.
  • Today I crafted a training plan with the goal of potentially racing in a Columbus Day weekend sprint triathlon.
  • I'm not actually going to register for this race since I've already donated too much money this year for races I didn't race. If it doesn't sell out and I'm ready, I'll go for it. If not, I've saved some money. Either way I think I'll be better off following the plan. Thing #3 learned this week.
  • Kudo's to everyone who raced this weekend!


Pahla said...

Ooooh, it's very exciting to get back on a training plan - I'm glad you're feeling that good again! Many congrats to your very athletic girl - woo hoo for racing (and bonus hardware)!!

Emz said...

Yay for daughters!!!

I'm hoping to write a similar post one day. ;)

Julie said...

Hi Rock Star,
Congrats to the girls! Third place for their division is pretty flipping impressive! I bet you had a blast watching and cheering them on!

Woo hoo for training plans:) Good luck to you!