Thursday, June 24, 2010

NYRR American Heart Association Start! Wall Street Run and Heart Walk

Tonight I ran in the AMA Start Wall Street Run and Heart Walk. Ran being the operative word.

I originally signed up for this race a while ago since the start was only a few blocks from my office and it would count as another of the 9 races to qualify for the 2011 NYC 26.2. I figured if I couldn't run I could walk it. I've been doing the physical therapy and asked if I should try running to see if I'm making any progress. The PT said to do a short run and see what happened.

I viewed this race as the perfect opportunity and I convinced myself 3 miles qualified as short. I haven't really run in months and quickly realized I sort of forgot how. The race was not cooperating either since the weather was in the mid 90s today with a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the weather wonks. The race was scheduled to start at 6:45 and it cooled down to a tepid 87 per the race director.

The announcer said that there was about 12,000 runners and walkers combined. Now, I don't know how familiar you are with lower Manhattan but twelve thousand people don't fit on those streets at the same time. The race started and immediately there was a turn a few hundred feet onto the course. The crowds made it so that you couldn't run so there was a lot of walking from time to time. But when I could, I ran. People started running on the sidewalks. The New Yorkers coming out of their offices seemed oblivious that there was a race going on and just walked into the crowds to get to their subways. I saw a girl go down and there was a pile up. I still tried to run. I looked at my Garmin to see what my pace was and it was jumping around. I realized the buildings were making it lose signals. Oh well.

I found when you don't run for a while (in my case months), running can be hard. Per the Garmin, Mile 1 went by in 10:26, Mile 2 went by in 9:38, Mile 3 in 10:30 and somehow Garmin thought I raced an additional .25 of a mile at a 10:15 pace. For me these times are fast. I stopped to catch my breath a couple of times but the official finish had me in 33:00 for 3 miles. Garmin said it was 3.25 miles. Who knows if it was off or I was off but I was very happy with my run.

The best news is that my hip and legs didn't hurt during or after the run. A lot of the rest of me hurt but that is to be expected. The net of this is that I might have a shot at actually running in the NYC tri later in July.

Rock on.


Carly said...

Great job! I am glad you were able to do it pain free. I can't imagine running with 12,000 people in Manhattan.

Julie said...

Hi Rock Star,
Awesome job on your 5K run! You know I bet that you actually did get the time that your time reported:) You have to remember even though you have not been running a ton you have been biking:) You have been getting workouts in and that has helped with your training! Nice work!

NY is on my agenda for next year...I need to find a half, 10K or a Central Park race. When I make my trip to the big apple a bloggy meet up with the Rock Star will be in order:)

Enjoy your weekend!

Caratunk Girl said...

Holy crap Rock, that is a butt load of people - I bet it was cool! I am so happy you were able to do it pain free!!! Yeah.

joyRuN said...

Very awesome that you were able to run! Even with the big crowd on the tiny streets :)

Diane said...

Exciting Progress!!! congrats and keep it up!!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

That is great news that you were able to run and have no pain. You are coming along nicely.

64 CLASSIC said...

Congrats on the finish!!

The start of that event reminds me of a couple of big events that I have "run" in. You step to the start as your wave approaches... Ready, set, WALK!! The crowd is so thick that the pace is pedestrian for the first 2-3 miles.

Great job!
Love your blog btw, great reading.

Regina said...

Living in NYC I long for small races, don't you? Glad you felt good on the run and are on the mend. I'll keep my fingers crossed I'll see you at the NY tri!

I'd be dead last in a Cat 5 race too!

Al's CL Reviews said...

No pain? You must be ecstatic! Keep it up!