Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here is a bullet list of are variety of topics bouncing around my little brain:
  • Last Friday night, one of my daughters friends called her up (actually called rather than the preferred teenage communication modality known as texting) and asked if she wanted to go mountain biking the next day. My daughter said yes and then remembered that she had track practice early on Saturday morning, She decided to go biking anyway after track since most of the track practices during Easter Break weren't that taxing and girl friends that think biking is cool is getting rarer as they get older.
  • Since I had to get 75 minutes in the saddle I decided to break out my mountain bike for a little up and down through the trails of Bethpage State Park. While we rode the same trails, they went their way and I went mine. Here is a little mountain bike porn of my Specialized Epic Mountain/XC bike to start your day:

  • The Hospital for Special Surgery doctor who is one of the so-called experts in repairing injuries of my type wants me to send all of my test results/x-rays/MRI reports to him. Someone will evaluate these tests to see if "he is the right doctor for me." I sent the stuff and am waiting for him to turn it around. I hope he isn't cherry picking cases with the best chance of success but if he is I hope that I'm one of them.
  • There is a good video on my injury that could be found here
  • Isn't Nickelback great to listen to while training?
  • I got my swim form "recorded" for posterity after my mountain bike ride. Once of the coaches that teach/lead the masters class that I go to from time to time was doing the filming. A good sign is that he wasn't laughing or crying as I swam. He took under water views from a variety of angles and above water views. I'll get the analysis soon.
  • In case you were wondering, mountain biking uses a different set of muscles than I've used on my road and tri bikes. My glutes and hamstrings have made sure to remind me of that fact often since this ride.
  • I've done a few workouts in the gym at work. It is odd doing a bike workout based on heart rate rather than power. I miss my power toys.
  • It is also a little eerie when everyone working out is dressed the same (wearing the workout clothes of blue shorts and grey shirts provided by the gym). Every once in a while someone doesn't "conform" and wears their own clothes.
  • The New York Metropolitans are still in first place. That won't last.
  • I couldn't get my new Bosu ball to inflate. I called up team Bosu and they sent a replacement right away that worked fine. They also sent UPS to pick up the defective one. While I never like when things don't work right, Bosu did the right thing and did it quickly. Well done, Bosu. Now I have to start using it.
  • Also, a big well done to Duke (although it pains many UNC fans to say that).
  • Thank goodness there are no more Cadbury Eggs or Reese's Eggs left in the house. I wonder where they went? I'm sure I'll stop wondering when I step on the scale again.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

It is rare that biking is still "cool" to kids when they get older.

Is that a 29er?

Ummm, was there more to this post, I think I read something after the bike porn, cant remember it now

Unknown said...

Nice XC bike! Makes me want to go find a trail! Sounds like you had a good time too.

teacherwoman said...

I love working out to Nickelback... "Burn it to the Ground" is my favorite right now!

I, too, hope you get selected to have your injury repaired.

And yes, as a Tarheel fan, it pains me to see that Duke won last night, but I am happy to see that it wasn't a complete blowout and Butle played hard and well!

Jess said...

Easter candy is the worst for packing on the pounds...at least in my case. Booo-hiss lol.

Tri Mommy said...

I hope all goes well with the doctor... and it's cool to go mountain biking, and I'm glad your daughter and her friend still realize it!

Unknown said...

I had underwater swim film analysis done before. Once I got past the weirdness of watching myself swimming, it was very insightful.

Julie said...

I love it when you post random stuff:) Way to get out on the bike!! I love Nickleback too!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Nickelback rocks! I don't listen to music while I run, but enjoy them at other times.
Glad to hear the candies are gone. Nutrition can get back to normal.

Is that your bike beside the "no bikes" sign? Did you ride in any way?

Tricia said...

We still have some of that candy lurking.

thanks for reminding me...