Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comfort Foods

Last weekend after my gut tried (and mostly succeeded) to impose it's will upon me, I had a dilemma. Namely, what to try to eat that would give me the best shot of progress from a gastrowreck to some flavor of normal. This was more complicated since I was on the road in a hotel with no kitchen around.

I called my wife and she recommended chicken soup with perhaps some crackers. I immediately dismissed that and dove right into the comfort food section of choices of my mind. Over the next few days I tried:
  • Turkey sandwich (fail)
  • Five guys cheeseburger with fries (I had to leave fries behind!)
  • Ham sandwich (fail again)
  • Wendy's Baconator (needed some sodium in me)
  • Copious amounts of gatorade (somewhat of a success)
  • A different salad (hair of the dog perhaps?)
  • A piece of pound cake (to soak up what ever was rumbling around in my tummy)
  • A chocolate chip muffin (there was no more pound cake left)
  • Pretzels (generally a win)
  • Some nuts (try going paleo for about 10 minutes and failed)
As of yesterday I finally realized the true appreciation of being able to trust a fart again. I'm back to eating my normal food and I also started up the workouts with a gentle stationary cycle in the gym. Today I stepped it up a bit with a more intense workout and a yoga session at night. I think I'm fully recovered but it took a while.

Maybe next time I should try the chicken soup. What comfort food to you eat to calm everything down?


Tricia said...

" I finally realized the true appreciation of being able to trust a fart again."

HA! I had to reread that outloud to my hubby. Too funny!

Big Clyde said...

the fart comment? I've heard guys call it the 50/ a messy game of Russian Roulette, in your drawers!

Carolina John said...

i head straight into comfort foods all the time these days. so hectic!

my favorite is chicken and dumplings.

Aka Alice said...

A Wendy's Baconator to calm a tummy? You do live life dangerously!

I"d have gone with the soup.

Unknown said...

+2 Tricia ... read it to my wife. We laughed!

Julie said...

Next time listen to your wife right away:) She sounds pretty smart! Very funny! OMG: I can't believe the crap that you put into your I said before, you and my husband were seperated at birth!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wendy's Baconator (needed some sodium in me)LOLOLOL!!!

Mine is pizza, sadly pizza makes comforts me in any mood.

Tri Mommy said...

"being able to trust a fart again" - I know where you are coming from and feel badly for you on this one, but it made me laugh!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

As of yesterday I finally realized the true appreciation of being able to trust a fart again.

O, flatulence! You've betrayed me in the past and I know you will again in the future.

But I just cain't quit you.

If trusting a fart is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Al's CL Reviews said...

"being able to trust a fart again." LOL, yet so true.

Saltines for awhile, and then without fail I crave a banquet chicken potpie. every time.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Laughing SO hard right now... 'trust a fart again'

JAllgood said...


I learned my lesson with the orange soda! Man!

My comfort foods are mashed potatoes or KFC coleslaw.

But glad to hear that you are fully recovered.

Delane said...

i just blogged your "fart" comment!

That made me LOL!!!!