Friday, June 1, 2012

Race choices.

Last year I entered a lot of races to act as supported training sessions leading up to my Ironman. I didn't race them but tried to dial in pacing methodologies (how many walk breaks, how long, etc.) with the expectation of a 6 hour marathon after a little swim and bike.

This year I am not doing IMFL but I am doing NYC26.2 which just happens to fall on the same calendar weekend. I hoping for a faster time as this will be my first official marathon. I figured I could replicate some of the running races that I did last year but run them a little harder while using them as long training sessions for the marathon. Somehow, though, the calendar isn't cooperating.

Last year the Hampton's Half Marathon was held on 9/24 and the NYRR Grete's Great Gallop Half Marathon was held on 10/1. I did both. This year both are scheduled for 9/29 so I can't do both. I got an email from the Hampton's folks saying they expect their race to close out this week so I need to decide soon.

The races are about the same distance away from my house. One is an hour driving east and the other in Central Park is about an hour west. I've run a lot of Central Park races before so am very familiar with which hills to curse vs. being surprised. The Hampton's race is smaller. Grete's race is a 2 lap circuit around the park and many people run extra after they finish to get in the marathon training miles. Grete's probably won't close out but if it does it won't for months.

I need to decide but it may come down to the fact that the Hampton's race is more expensive ($75 vs. $35). You can't blame the Hampton's folks for charging more since they are selling out months in advance. Is choosing which race to run based on a $40 price delta a valid reason?

I'm leaning towards yes.


TriMOEngr said...

Before I had even read the last paragraph, I would have chosen the cheaper race. I was about to ask if there was a price difference because I am perpetually the cheapskate who sees no reason to spend more to do the same distance. That said, had you not mentioned it, I would have picked the smaller race because I don't like getting run over by all the speedy people. :)

Carolina John said...

So many races, so little time. I get the same problem. People want to get married on my race day. it's all crap.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When I look at races, first I look at swag and finisher gear, whoever is better gets the money, if they are close or tied, it comes down to price.

Unknown said...

I'm a price cheapskate too, but if you go by BDD's formula, you already know they won't be giving anything cool out at Grete's. That said, I would venture that Grete's is better prep for NYC than the Hamptons because of the hills (even if you already know them, you'll push them a lot harder in the race setting).

Unknown said...

At first I was going to say do the Hamptons race because it is a smaller race and you may be able to better concentrate on pacing especially since you would like to use it as training for the marathon. However, I understand the fee issue. Hmm... ah, heck I think I will vote for the Hamptons race.