Monday, February 28, 2011

Nothing quite as educational as vacation

  • Nothing quite as frightening as when your spouse says, "I'm in the mood to......spend money."
  • Nothing quite as pungent as a relatively new dad changing a diaper in a store's public rest room. It also lasts a lot longer than necessary. No, there isn't an app for that.
  • Nothing quite as endearing as seeing your teenager's attitude change back into little girl excitement over something like a pair of stuffed dinosaurs (or friend-o-saurs as they were dubbed).
  • Nothing quite as disappointing as seeing it return to usual at the end of vacation.
  • Nothing quite as disappointing as knowing it is back to work or school after a week away from the office.
  • Nothing quite as humbling as getting back at training after even a short time not structured.
  • Nothing quite as necessary as getting humbled to set the brain up for some real training.
  • Nothing quite as refreshing as when your family universally agrees that they had a good vacation (Yes, this could be whenever your family universally agrees on anything with children of a certain age).


Georgia Snail said...

welcome back! Now get to work!

p.s. maybe other will follow Beltran's lead and put the team before themselves...(Perez, are you listening?)

Caroline said...

last one is the boys are still young so for now the vacations are all great but I know that will not last!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

So great that you had a good vacation! Ha, I laughed at the part where you mention your wife being in the mood to spend money. I get like that once in a blue moon. :) And changing diapers in public! uggh!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Before you know it, you be back in sunny FLA!! Until then, kick butt with your training. St. A's awaits you!

TRI714 said...

awesome that you had good times. Welcome back. Now get to work.

Michael said...

Glad you and your family enjoyed your vacation - cool that you know everyone had a great time. Good luck getting back into the swing of things.

Unknown said...

What is this vacation thing you speak of? lol

Glad you got some R&R - now time to get back to it!