Thursday, November 4, 2010

Likes and Wonders

I like that the unofficial sign language sign for rolling down the window of a car is the moving your left hand as if you were using the crank for an old fashioned manual window. I wonder if the current generation of kids will ever know how to use a manual crank to get that window down.

I recently caught my daughter listening to a version of the 1812 Overture that her camp orchestra recorded last summer on her ipod with speakers. I told her to wait in her room a moment. I like that I was able to return to her with the "album" that my school orchestra recorded of the same song in 1978 in hand. She wondered how I could find it so fast. I wondered how we would ever listen to it since I no longer own a turntable for a 33.

I like that I recently set a new PR of a sort with my blood results with my cholesterol being 167. I wonder if the diet and exercise I've been doing have anything to do with it or not. Then again, I don't really wonder about this one.

I like that I'm back in training yet wonder where this will lead me. I like that I've been able to recognize some of the symptoms of training again. The first I recognized was taking multiple showers a day. The second was that there were more clothes to be washed. I wonder what the next one will be?

I like that the weather has changed a bit with some frost on the pumpkins (no, not those pumpkins!), I wonder when it will be too cold to ride outside on the weekend and I'll turn into a permanent denizen of the pain cave.

I like that all the people are racing this weekend (IMFL, NYC26.2). I won't shout out each individually but you know who you are. I wonder how you all will celebrate?


Unknown said...

congrats on the cholesterol PR. great stuff.

the item about rolling down the window of the car reminds me of a time we were playing a game that is somewhat like charades with the kids and I was trying to act out someone typing and was using my right hand as if I was hitting the carriage return manually. the kids didn't get it at all....

Al's CL Reviews said...

WTG on the cholesterol front! Awesome!

The only car I have had where the windows haven't broken had manual cranks.

My dad cleaned out his attic. He found my Snoopy record player and my first stereo. They both went back in the attic...because I might need them.

Ewa said...

Gosh, I feel old but at the same time I don't mind it that much.
Dialing numbers on the phone. I used to pride myself for remembering phone numbers of most of my friends. Now I don't even bother.
Slide shows - you know, film, the real thing.
Writing letters by hand. Used to do that a lot. I wonder if our great grand kids will even know how to write by hand.
Oh, the list can go on and on...

Anonymous said...

First, congrats on the cholesterol front. Second, pulling out an actual album will always trump a podcast on iTunes. Always!

KovasP said...

Hand-cranked windows? What about 8 tracks? Vinyl they still use in the clubs.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Next one might be eating alot more food to stay energized