Monday, February 8, 2010

The circle of inspiration.

Trish from My Path to Travel has decided to not only hop on the 100 push up challenge but to add on the 200 sit up and 200 squat variations on this theme. She blamed credited me with motivating her to pick up the challenge.

Never one to leave a gauntlet lying on the floor, today was Week1/Day1 of the 200 sit up challenge that I'm adding into the mix for yours truly as well. I also had Coach BikeMike pencil in 3 x weekly strength sessions (aka these challenges) on my TPC plans. This way I get reminded to do them much more frequently and hopefully more effectively than my feeble brain alone.

I'm finding the sit ups easier than the push ups but maybe that's why it is a 200 challenge rather than a 100 challenge. Maybe they are just lulling me into it. In any case, I inspired Trish and she sent it right back at me. I originally heard of it from Lisa and others have picked it up.

Join in - if you will. Maybe it will inspire you and you'll inspire someone else.

PS: I wonder if there is a fitness toy called the perfect sit up to complement the perfect push up?


Tricia said...

great job inspiring others!

Jen said...

Can I do them on my knees? LOL!?!?

Julie said...

I will start doing the sit-ups in addition to my push-ups!! It might take me some time to get to 200, but I am game:)

Carolina John said...

a couple of guys on my team at the office have just started the 100 pushup challenge. i am thinking about joining in.

Alisa said...

I bought the app for the 100 pushup challenges it's definitely motivating me. I think I'm going to do each week twice--I'm on my second go around of week 2.