Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Rock Star Tri Sponsor: Rudy Project

Rock Star Tri has picked up a new sponsor for sunglasses and helmets: Rudy Project! For years I've used Rudy Project Sunglasses while cycling and running. I'm happy to have them on the sponsor list.

One of the challenges that I have with most athletic eyewear is that I have very poor eyesight. Since I can't wear contacts due to my eyes being too dry I need to wear glasses all the time. My prescription is too strong to fit in most athletic sunglasses on the market.

Years ago I found a model of Rudy Project that works for me, the RB3, and have used them ever since. Since my presription changed (part of getting old and needing bifocals to read the cue sheets while riding), I was in the market for another pair of riding glasses and once again kept coming back to Rudy Project due to their compatability with my prescription. My problem now is that they have many different models which will work for me. That's a great problem for me to have.

I'll be wearing one of their helmets this year too. Although they've made helmets for some time, they've recently made helmets a renewed emphasis with some new designs. As I learned from my accident, safety, protection and fit are the most important features of any helmet. Rudy Project's helmets meet all the requirements and they have good deals on them now. Feel free to check them out at


Julie said...

I promise you that my eyesight is much worse than yours:) I started wearing glasses when I was in third grade and I am blind as a bat!! I hate wearing my glasses....I even have the thin lenses....not so thin:) The sad thing is that my eyes will most likely get worse within the next few years:( Thanks for the review!!

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Tri Mommy said...

V. Cool!