Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYRR Al Gordon Classic

Originally this was supposed to be a story about how I volunteered and participated in the same race. Unfortunately, the weather gods dumped between a foot and two feet of snow on NYC Friday (yes, the weathermen are now giving snow reports here in feet!) so I wasn't able to make it into the NYRR office to hand out tee shirts and race numbers for this race last Friday. There are other opportunities for indoor volunteering that I'll be hopping on instead though.

This latest snow also added logistical challenges for this race since I now had to pick up my number race morning and to find a space to park. Most of Brooklyn seemed to still be digging out so the street parking places were few and far between in the area around Prospect Park. After about 15 minutes of searching I luckily found a spot not too far away from the start of the race.

My daughter was racing this race with me so we trekked over to the start corrals. We ran into a few friends and she decided to run with them for a bit once the race started. I wasn't running (again) but I figured I couldn't injure myself more than I already was hurt so I decided to try jogging for a minute of every five to see how that went. It worked out OK and the 4 miles went by fairly quickly. This race counts as number 2 done of the 9 required to get into the 2011 NYC Marathon (hey, I gotta keep hoping for a recovery).

The official stats shows me finishing at 55:05 - not bad since I was mostly walking. I was a little tight afterwards but no major increase in pain. Hopefully it will stay that way and the doctor will give me some promising news this week on the injury front.


Big Clyde said...

I admire that you didn't let your injury keep you from being involved in the race. Glad you did it with your daughter, too.

Unknown said...

Bummer that the weather kept you from volunteering, but great job getting the race done. :-)

Julie said...

Good job on your run...glad you came up with a good jogging/walking plan that wouldn't injure you any more:) I think it is awesome that your daughter ran with you again:) Hopefully this will be last of the snow for the season...spring has got to be right around the corner:) Lets just keep thinking positive!!

Carolina John said...

i hate that the weather kept you down bro. better to play it safe than sorry thoough.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I really love that you are still exercising. And way to get out there in the snow!