Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Training update

I haven't blogged about actual training for a while now but there has been some (not a lot) of that on the Rock Star daily agenda. The reality of not being able to complete the Disney Marathon in less than a month is becoming more and more obvious since most marathon training plans don't include weeks of not running. I haven't been a complete slug but even if a miracle happens, finishing Disney isn't looking promising. But there may be other options.

I've traded running for 3x/week PT sessions to try to cure this ITB problem. Part of this rehab plan is to include 2-a-days of the individual stretching and exercises as well. I wish that I could report that this is helping my knee but I'd be lying as I still feel pain without doing anything specific (the evil side of my brain keeps thinking that these exercises are causing the pain but I need to control the evil side by letting the stupid side of my brain take over.) The rest of me is feeling improvement in flexibility and strength so this, even if I need to find something else to cure my knee (stop evil side, stop), has been beneficial. Sunday was three weeks without running and today is two weeks of physical therapy.

Since I'm already flopping around on the floor with these exercises, I've decided to take up Lisa from Chasin' Bunnies's Push up challenge and mix that in on the morning sessions on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Today was the second day of week one and I hope these should only add a few minutes a day - let's see how I do!

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are swim days. I'm slowly increasing the time I can swim and I'm up to swimming 20 minutes sessions (not continuously yet) without issue from my ribs. This is a positive sign and if I continue to improve I may be able to try a masters class again in January with the expectation and hope of survival.

I have three bikes in the bike store (yes, some may say I have a bike problem): the old one that was crashed, the new one still awaiting some parts for RockStar customization, and my Guru titanium road bike. The hope is to salvage some of the parts from my shattered tri bike (it was all high end, all Dura-Ace) and upgrade my road bike (which was Ultegra). Many of the parts are not salvageable but some may be. Once the pieces are put back together again pictures will be posted - especially the bike porn of the new Transition S-Works. Since my mechanical skills top out at changing a flat, this effort is in the trusted hands of the bike shop crew.

Fortunately I have yet another road bike which I have been riding (maybe I do have a problem - we're not even going to talk about my Mountain bike ). Most of my rides have been on the trainer but even so Training Peaks reports I've done about 125 miles in the past 2 weeks. This has all been at a L1/L2 intensity but the Rockstar rehab plan says to "give hard a try" tonight. Yikes.

So, what to do about Disney? My wife and I decided on flying down anyway. The hotel is booked. The flights are booked and we'll make it into a kid-less mini vacation. If I can run more than 5 miles without pain, I may start the race anyway and bail early, using it as a typical training run. Even though that may not be enough to "earn" the shirt and swag, I'm still going to get the Fred Flintstone steak from Shula's afterwards, pair it with a bottle of red, and chase it with some sort of chocolate cake.

Yabadaba do!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Welcome to the club, there is no such thing as too many bikes, shhhhhhh not too loud, some people get mad when they see how much in bikes we have, yet the house is not up to standards because we "dont have the money" to get it there.

Dee said...

Hey- Just a random thought as I read your blog...not only are my ribs NOT 100% (since my fall in AUGUST...thought you could relate!), but I too have struggled with ITB since the accident. I think that my right side (same side that the rib injury occured) is VERY tight (ribs, back and ab muscles, psoas, etc) which has led to the knee problem as well (tight right side leading to tight ITB, etc etc...).
Thought you might want to hear a similar story to yours! :-) Keep up the PT. You seem to be headed in the right direction! :-) As always, I enjoy reading your updates! Dee

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO at Big Daddy Diesel's comment. ... When I was getting my bike, there was a guy in there checking out an S-works... wonder if he bought it! Looks like we'll miss each other in Fla by a few weeks, too bad! Great job on the swimming... it'll get easier again!

Unknown said...

Best wishes with the pushups!!

Missy said...

More bikes the better, that's what I say! Sorry about your riblets. That sucks. Keep on the pt, it works.