Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Month Resolution

Rockstar Research has found an 88% failure rate for the general public's New Year's resolutions. I believe, though, that success rates for goals are higher (or lower percentages) and that there is a big difference between a goal and a resolution. I define goals as having concrete, measurable results that are very objective to measure success (or failure) while resolutions are much more subjective. Resolutions are softer and less tangible. There will be fails in resolutions that are OK but over time resolutions will change behavior, hopefully for the better.

I'm sure that there are a bunch of reasons why people's resolutions fail despite their most noble of intentions. Maybe the resolutions are too lofty. It is difficult to dramatically change behavior that quickly, cold turkey stories aside. Maybe they are not defined right, slipping into the goal category instead. Maybe it is just as simple that in order for a resolution to have significance, it is probably hard.

I don't normally set resolutions but I've decided to set a couple. I'm not going to set them for the length of a year but instead I figured if I started with a few resolutions for just the month of January (a new month resolution) I can see improvement and adjust if necessary.

The two I've decided on for January are:
  1. Reduce the amount of soda I drink. I am a soda-holic for lack of a better term. I mostly drink diet, caffeine free soda but I drink a lot of it. I've been known on some days to have soda during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between. For January, I'd like to get to the point that some days I don't drink soda at all and other days to just have it with one meal. I'll replace the soda with something healthier - the favorites going in are water, iced tea, or an occasional fruit juice.
  2. Increase my strength and flexibility. I do not consider myself physically strong. I started Lisa's sponsored 100 pushup challenge two weeks ago and I'm progressing but slowly (I didn't start week three of the program but went back to week one, column 2 instead of column 1) . I want to continue this program to the conclusion of doing the hundred. I know I might not get there by the end of January but I also want to continue my flexibility program (now called physical therapy for my ITB issues) by introducing some sort of regular flexibility activities.

That's it. Two resolutions. I do have a whole bunch of goals in addition to these resolutions that I'll post within the week but the resolutions are set..... at least for the first month.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I had the same issue with soda, look into Crystal Light, many flavors and only 10 cals.

joyRuN said...

I'm not big on resolutions either, but I try to take advantage of the New Year to review any goals I have for the year. Reminds me, I got to work on my strength & flexibility as well :)

Jess said...

I think both of your resolutions are good ones and focusing on them for just one month will helped keep you on track!

JAllgood said...

Some good resolutions! Nice and easy just 2 of them.

Soda is my weakness too, and Lord knows, they have a great deal of sodium in them. I am thinking that will be one of mine too this year. Mostly I will miss the carbination. I may give sparkling water a try and try to drink more of actual real water like I should be.

Strength and flexibility-- something I need to work on too, and maybe it could help me with my lousey balance, hm?

Well, now you got me thinking about my goals and resolutions. Guess I need to get to the drawing board.

Diane said...

Hey joe! I'm going to join you in the 100 push ups program. something i can actually do at the moment which doesn't cause any pain. are you logging it officially or just keeping track on your own? I think I'll log my progress on my blog. hope you will too.

Al's CL Reviews said...

That's a soda-holic? I might have a really really serious problem then.
And it crept up since October.

Sounds like good resolutions!

Lora Abernathy said...

That is SO smart! I'm not a big new year's resolusionist myself, just a tomorrow's the new start kind of girl.

Duane said...

Glad you stopped by! I now have another good one to follow!