Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maladay de jour

***Beware: Whining below ****

I hate being sick.

Even worse than being sick is when you are not "all the way" sick - just not right. That means you think you can do what you want until you try it. Then you find out you can't.

Even worse than not "all the way sick" is when it sort of moves around. On Friday night I felt as though an alien was trying to climb through my skin from the inside out. It got better with a case of the pukies and I blamed it on some bad burgers I cooked up. Saturday was a tummy recovery day but most of Sunday I had a headache that I felt in my toes. Monday I started coughing. Today is even more coughing.

Did I say I hate being sick? If not,let me say I hate being sick. I. Hate. Being. Sick.

I'm still going about my day to day though. I bailed on the workouts over the weekend but did squeeze in the push ups, the PT stretches, and even a mini swim last night. Oh, and by the way we had 14" of snow that I luckily got my slow blower back from the shop just in time to do three driveways (mine and we helped out some of the older folks that live down the block).

So I'm not helpless. No need to write the obituary yet. I'm not even sick enough to see the doctor but I keep dreaming of comfort foods and my will power is low. I might even try to ride the bike on the trainer for a while. Might wind up taking a nap instead though.

I hate being sick.

*** End of whining ***


Jess said...

Oh yuck that's no fun! I hope you feel better soon. I found when I was sick like that last week that Zicam and Coldeeze really helped!

Unknown said...

i don't like being sick either. get well soon!

JAllgood said...

Oh, I SO hear you! I HATE being sick too!!

It can be very frustrating that zone in between being the mildily sick to the walking dead. I even feel something coming on, I take the Coldeeze, and up my fruit juices. Hang in there, and hope you get well soon!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ya, being sick sucks