Monday, November 16, 2009

I've already won! 13.1 Marathon - New York City

At the New York City Marathon Expo, I filled out a few raffle entries. I really concentrated on the prizes or products that I had actual interest in. A new race, the 13.1 Marathon - New York City, was a race that I was considering so I filled out the information ticket.

This inaugural race is scheduled for April 3, 2010. This date works perfectly in my training plan since it would be long enough after the Disney Marathon for recovery and early enough to get in two halfs (the other being the Long Island Half Marathon in early May) as part of my 2010 Eagleman 70.3 (mid June) training. There are other races around that time but I would have to balance the kids soccer schedule, life (yes there are life things beyond soccer), and training.

I used to be able to say that I never won anything but I broke that streak since I was contacted by the race directors and they said I won a free entry into any of their 13.1 races. I reached out to them to claim my entry into the NY version and they are hooking me up.

I still can't believe I actually won something. Now, if they happen to have a fat, old, age group that has just me in it I might be able to stand on the podium and grab some hardware but since that ain't happening, a free entry will do just fine.

A good race will be even better. A PR? Now, you are getting greedy..... but then again, why not?


Jess said...

I registered to run in the 13.1 series too, but I didn't win haha. I never win those things either. Congrats on your free entry!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Heck no it isnt greedy, go out and take the world!!

Anniversary Moments said...

first you win entry into the race -- then you win the race ;)

Carolina John said...

congrats, that should be a fun race!

Manderz said...

Thats awesome!!! I think I am going to do that race!