Friday, November 20, 2009

Five for Friday

1) The big news this week is that I've come to a settlement with the insurance company on my bike. In their infinite wisdom they declared my bike a total loss - I think the shattered carbon frame was a hint. I also had to include the clothes that they cut off me in the ER and a new helmet. After a few weeks of back and forth, we agreed on a number that will let me get a really nice bike. Of course, my old bike was a really nice bike too and it was "interesting" have the conversation with my wife on how much I actually paid for it.

I made an appointment for a preliminary fitting and in the meanwhile the bike shop reassembled the pieces of my bike to get the old measurements. I saw the bike and said that it looked almost ridable. Then they pointed out that it was held together with clear packing tape.

Now I have some decisions to make and my head is spinning.
  • Dura Ace vs. SRAM Red or do I jump on the wireless Di2? I'm leaning Red.
  • In the power meter world: SRM vs. Quarq vs. Powertap. I'm leaning Quarq since it will give me flexibility on.....
  • Race wheels. Zipp, Reynolds, or Hed. Since, as a fat guy, I'm gravitationally challenged and most of my upcoming races are flat (StA, Eagleman), I'm thinking deeper dish wheels but not a disc. I'll be taking these off Santa's Christmas list and getting them now.
  • Most of all, which bike? That will wait for the fitting but I'm leaning towards Specialized Transition S-Works. If that doesn't work, probably Guru.
  • Then, what color?

2) We are just starting the pain and suffering negotiations. This one will be interesting.

3) The almost equally big news is that I successfully ran on Wednesday night. It was a slow 5 miles but my knee wasn't any worse for the wear. This was a good sign meaning that I didn't have to shut it down for recovery and jeopardize yet another race and race fee. Another run this weekend will let me see if I am back on track.

4) Went to the Garden last night instead of training to watch the Coaches vs. Cancer NCAA basketball doubleheader. This was my first college hoops game in person but my girls were really gung ho. Syracuse vs. Cal and then UNC vs. Ohio State. How I'm raising girls that are die hard Carolina basketball fans is a mystery to me. Also, why would (sane) people go to this game wearing Duke? I guess sane is relative. Any insight John?

It was a fun night but we got home way past our bedtimes.

5) Good luck KathyK and all others out in the desert looking to own IMAZ this weekend and EagleChick Christine running in Philly!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- SRAM Red
- Wireless sounds cool, but on a century it scares me.
- 909 Clydesdale Zipp combination
- Get what fits
- Black, always get black

Carolina John said...

go red baby. yea.

if you're raising unc fans then you must be doing something right. anyone who would wear a duke sweatshirt to a unc game deserves a punch in the throat. if they would wear a duke sweatshirt anywhere else, they can get punched somewhere else.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Ew on Duke and UNC Fans!

JAllgood said...

Bike shopping! Yes, like a kid in a candy store! I lean more towards SRAM myself. Watch out for the wireless-- I have not gotten good feedback from members in my bike club. And YES on the racey red!!

Glad to hear about the successful Wednesday run!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Happy to hear about the run, and about getting new wheel! Still sucks what happened though! Good luck with your decision! :D

Georgia Snail said...

Living in Savannah I have to be a closet Tarheel fan...but to wear a Duke jersey to a UNC seems, well, that's just stupid...