Monday, November 23, 2009

Hurt again and time off.

I cut short my run on Saturday because my right knee pain returned but I still got a little over 5 miles in. My knee was feeling better so I went for a short run on Sunday morning. I left the house and within a few minutes my left (formerly known as good) calf seemed to lock up and wouldn't unlock. I could barely put weight on it. It was a sad mental conversation to figure out if I should call to be picked up and rescued since I was only a few hundred yards from my house. I chose to try to wobble home. Ironically I view this as my biggest athletic weekend success.

When I got home I iced my left leg and it didn't help much. I put a compression sleeve on it. I iced my other knee. I thought about icing my ribs too but decided to continue to tough that out.

I can still only wobble on Monday morning. I thought about making a appointment to see a doctor. The question was what would be my primary complaint? I have so much of me in various states of broken that I'm unsure. Nothing more can be done for my ribs except to wait for them to heal. I believe that most doctors, as a first take, would prescribe rest and recovery then see if my other complaints gets better or not.

I've decided I need to take some time and heal both physically and mentally. How long? I don't know. On the mental side I need to figure out if my goals are real and attainable or plain fantasy. There may be a reason why someone my size keeps getting hurt. Maybe I'm doing too much too fast. Most importantly I need to get excited about workouts again rather than wondering if I'll finish a short workout with or without a new injury.

While I'm figuring this out, I've decided to take a sabbatical from the blogosphere too. I wish I could say stay tuned but I don't know when I'll be back. Hopefully sooner rather than later.



Jess said...

Oh man, I hope you can get all your aches and pains taken care of and hopefully your sabbatical won't be for too long!

Diane said...

Hey Joe,
We are the walking wounded - you and I. Rest and recover. I hope it is a smooth process, although I know all too well that it can take a long time. Don't be a stranger. Your presence in the Blog world will truly be missed. And I'm not giving up hope that we will BOTH see the finish line at the NYC Marathon 2010. Don't give up Joe. I'm not giving up so don't you even think about it!!! Rest and heal and come back stronger than ever.

Carolina John said...

Hang in there bro. Search amazon for a book called Tri Power. It gave me the strength training and stretching techniques to help fix all kinds of problems like what you are having. been feeling ok since I started it.

i did actually stop doing the tri power workouts for a while, that's when my stupid hip problem flaired up. It went away when i started doing tri power again.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

sorry to hear about the pain, good luck in your recovery. Enjoy your rest, and we'll be here when you decide to return :) Take care.