Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

I ordered some new kicks last week. Specifically I ordered a pair of New Balance 1225s and a pair of Asics Kayano 16s (so new of a flavor that the Asics website is still featuring the old one). I bought these because my old sneakers were getting old and I'm putting a lot of miles in while I train for my January marathon.

Rockstart Research has found the rule of thumb on changing kicks are about 300 miles or so and since I'm on the big side, my sneakers break down sooner. I figured with the 8 weeks to go before my race, I'll probably put in an additional 250-300 miles. That means my existing sneakers would be toast before the marathon so I got some new ones now that I can break in and use prior to race day. I thought this a great plan.

The first pair are in. My family used this opportunity to ask me how many sneakers did I have and how many did I think I needed. They seemed to thing I might have been channeling Imelda Marcos in my so-called sneaker collection. I didn't think so.

First, the "optimal" state:

  • Two pairs of running sneakers to alternate during training runs (this would be the role of the two new ones).
  • One pair of running sneakers to use on the dreadmill (this one has the Garmin foot pod attached). This is normally one of the previous actual training sneakers.
  • Two pairs of day to day, non running, just walking around sneakers (even though I wear shoes to work).
So this totals up to 5 pairs. I didn't think this excessive.

Then I went into my closet and found I had 7 8 pairs of sneakers (not counting the new ones that are still in the box). The three pairs of cycling shoes (Road, Tri, and Mountain/spin) don't count. The sandals for the gym and fins for swimming don't count either. Yes, they do know my name at the running store and greet me like Norm from Cheers when I walk in. No, they haven't admitted to memorizing my size (maybe they are being nice).

I didn't think this was too bad but maybe I did have a little Imelda in me. I thought I was fairly normal compared to most real triathletes and runners. So, how many pairs of kicks do you lace up on the foofsies and how many are hiding in your closet?


Diane said...

I am so cracking up on this post! You are killing me! I have 3 pairs of sneakers - one brand new pair for running, another new pair but not for running, the third is my old running pair which are now for whatever, whenever. I think I trashed them out when I took them camping.

Maybe you do have a little Imelda in you? :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO. I have plenty as well, but mostly because I had yet to find 'THE PAIR" for me. I think *knocking on wood* that I now have, but I've donated the duds.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I have 3 pairs. One didn't work out for running and I didn't feel like going back to the store for the 3rd return on that pair and have them hook me up with another pair. They are currently covered in mud from a beer fest.
My old pair have about 250 and are worn out in the dead center of the shoe. I keep them because the latest pair keep getting drenched in this GA rain and it takes 5 days to dry them out.

I like the NBs.

RockStarTri said...

Damn, I found another pair under the bed.

Missy said...

Hahahaha, I have at least 10 floating around, some are for lawn mowing, some are for running in the rain, some can be worn IN the pool and I actually have only TWO pairs that I run it forilla.

Anniversary Moments said...

i find nothing out of the ordinary with this post (not sure if that is a good thing)

I have 3 of the EXACT same pair for running - my Mizuno wave rider 12s - they have varying amounts of miles on them and I run in varying distances with them - there are always 2 or 3 of these in rotation for my road shoes.

Then I have a pair of ASICS trabucos for running the trails which I love - the shoes and trail running

Then I have a pair of reeboks given to be me by a friend that works at reebok - they are a size too small for running so those are my "running errand"

Then I have my old mizuno wave rider 11s still for days when i'm banished to the elliptical or doing weight training

then i have the fashion sport style sneakers inclusive of PUMAs, Converse and Steve Maddens that have nothing to do with athletics

and well....don't even get me started on shoes....

Amanda said...

i actually asked myself this question when i was cleaning out my car and found 4 pair (including trail shoes). JUST IN THE CAR!!! There are at least another three pair in the closet. and then..there are the racing shoes, which are more light weight and last longer because they aren't used for every day running. i think i have a problem...