Monday, August 10, 2009

A vacation from vacation

Last week I was on vacation and had one of the most intense workout weeks for me in a long time. Even though I bailed on one of the long rides (went fishing with the kids and hit a bucket at the range instead), I had a lot of volume for me at this stage of my training. Due to the terrain most of it was at a high intensity. The word which best described how I felt was late last week was "shredded." Don't worry though, I was able to gain a few pounds while on vacation - Huh?

I kept thinking it was time for a vacation from vacation. Today I'm back at work and my body has seemed to start recovery after a 4m run on Saturday and a 35 minute or so open water swim on Sunday. Of course, I need to, this week, not listen to my body as it keeps saying "do more, do more, do more." Less is best now.

The Timberman taper begins. I won't make my weight goal before the race but it is time to feel like a rock star again. A fat, old, slow rock star but a rock star none the less.


Diane said...

I'd take your version of "fat, old, slow" over mine! It seems to me that you are posting some pretty impressive numbers. Good Luck and have a great race.

Carolina John said...

Go for it! i'm enjoying a recovery week/taper right now too.