Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chrissie Wellington, thank you.

After Chrissie Wellington won the Timberman 70.3 Women's professional division, she stayed at the race site for hours. She helped out the volunteers by handing out finisher's medals. Although she could have, Chrissie didn't rush out of there.

She took time to talk and mingle with the "regular" folk. She spent some time with my daughter Amanda and even autographed Amanda's "triathlon cheerleader" shirt that she wears to most of my races. A young girl later asked Chrissie if she could take a picture of her. The girl said she had to do a school report on someone who changed the world for the better and wanted to do the report on Chrissie. Chrissie commented that the girl should probably pick someone more famous and more influential.

I think that Chrissie may have sold herself a little short. I know that Chrissie had an impact on a bunch of folks, including Amanda, last weekend. After the race Amanda looked up Chrissie's background, her sponsors, and became more a fan. The influence that she had is hard to measure but I feel just these short interactions with children could, in fact, change the world. Even if it doesn't, it was nice and something I think my daughter will remember forever. Above is one of the pictures that my wife took of Chrissie and Amanda.

Once again, thank you Chrissie Wellington.

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Missy said...

Chrissie is an amazing person. I heard she was just stellar at the race and handed out medals for hours.