Monday, April 13, 2009

Field Trip Part 2: Dorchester YMCA 1/2 Marathon - DNF better than DNS

I biked the EM bike course on Friday and I was continuing my field trip with a scheduled run along the course on Saturday. I found out that the Dorchester YMCA was sponsoring a 1/2 marathon along the course of the EM run so I signed up a few weeks ago. This was all before my latest injury battle with my right calf.

I hadn't run for more than 14 minutes in 3 weeks but was going to give it a shot and see how far I could go. On race day my leg was still yipping, the rain was falling, and the wind was blowing. At least it wasn't too cold as the temperature was about 50.

This was a nice race, much smaller in terms of participants that what I'm used to. As an example, NYRR races in Central Park close out at 5000 people while this race had about 200 souls braving the conditions. I wouldn't have to use, as Amanda as coined it, SMS (swift maneuvering skills) at the start to gain some room to run.

My leg hurt from the beginning so I slowed it down - with me slowing it down any more would have resulted in me going backwards - with a few walking breaks. The SAG van asked if I was OK. My family was at the 2.5 mile mark and I told them I was going to run a little more but not do the whole thing. I ran (jogged) a little more then circled back. Perhaps I could have done more but I was more concerned about the next day, St Anthony's in two weeks and Eagleman in June. I totaled about 5.25 slow miles. None the less, a DNF.

The next day my leg was no better, no worse so I didn't add any lasting harm but I came to the realization that this leg issue won't get better on its own quickly. Time to get some help, to make sure this is only a muscle problem, and get in the fast lane to recovery.

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