Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Team in Training Season

Saturday, January 31, is the kickoff meeting for the Summer 2009 season for the Long Island Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma's Team in Training (TNT) program. I've done more than a handful of events with the team (I've listed them below), raised a lot of money with help from a whole bunch of folks, made some friends and, I think, changed my life and the lives of some cancer patients, victims and survivors for the better. I also feel that my involvement with TNT has had a positive impact on my family and I'm proud that my girls are in the promotional video shown at most of the Long Island's chapter's kickoff. No need to mention that I've never been in the video but that might be due to a lack of a wide angle lens.

This year in support of my EagleQuest, I've decided to do the St. Anthony's Olympic Triathlon in April, the Long Island Half Marathon in May, and the Montauk Century Bicycle Ride also in May. This "triple crown" will be a challenge but I hope they will prepare me for determining which half of me is iron in June.

Of course there is a fundraising component to the TNT program. Even though there is scant evidence of anyone actually reading this blog unless I've forced them to or they've accidentally stumbled across it, there is opportunity to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's mission by donating to help find a cure. Dawn and I have contributed enough to cover any expenses associated with me doing these events so anything you'd like to put in could be considered gravy. The details can be found in my fundraising page located at

Events I've completed with TNT:
  1. Montauk Century 2004 - Cycle
  2. El Tour de Tucson 2004 - Cycle
  3. Montauk Century 2005 - Cycle
  4. Vytra Tobay Sprint Triathlon 2005 - Tri
  5. Golden Apple Century 2005 - Cycle
  6. El Tour de Tucson 2006 - Cycle
  7. Long Island Half Marathon 2006 - Run
  8. Montauk Century 2006 - Cycle
  9. Montauk Century 2007 - Cycle
  10. Runner's Edge TOBAY Sprint Triathlon 2007 - Tri
  11. Disney Olympic Triathlon 2007 - Tri
  12. Disney Half Marathon 2008 Run
  13. St Anthony's Olympic Triathlon 2008 - Tri

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