Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In for a penny, in for a pound

The weight loss battle is still raging. Last week the scale went the wrong way (said +2) for a total weight loss of 7.2. This week it went the right way (-1.2) resulting in a total loss of 8.4 pounds. Weight watchers set an initial target of -28 pounds. While I have more than the 28 to lose, this is a good starting point. Now I just have to keep focus.

So I was looking at my 2009 race plan. The early part of the schedule was set with StA in April and Eagleman in June. Of course, NYC Marathon is penciled in for November but that left a hole between Eagleman and NYC26.2. I needed to pick a race with enough time to recover from Eagleman and early enough so that it wouldn't impact NYC. The contestants were Timberman in August and Mighty Montauk in October.

Either could work. Each had advantages over the other but I had to decide as Timberman would close out soon. I took the plunge registering for Timberman this morning. I'm figuring if I get in shape to do Eagleman there shouldn't be that much more to get ready for the hills of New Hampshire a couple of months later. The cronies that I'll be training with are in for T-man as well so put August 23, 2009 down on the calendar. I'm going for it.

Philly half  is still undecided but that'll work itself out one way or the other shortly. Stay tuned. 

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