Monday, November 17, 2008

Mineola Mustang 5K

First, an update on the weight loss war:
  • On 11/11/08 the scale said down 2.4 for a total of down 10.8. WeightWatchers awarded me two gold stars - one each for losing 5 pounds!

  • On 11/18/08 the scale said down 2.6 for a total of down 13.4.

Just as important, I ran a race on Sunday, 11/16 - the Mineola Mustang 5K. For most of the time I looked like I was running but much slower in comparison to "real" runners. I planned in 2 walk breaks: one at the one mile, a second at the two mile, and threw in an extra one at about the two and a half mile. The wind was howling and I consider my finishing time of 35:34 a great success for a slow fat rockstar.

Even with the injury and weight loss challenges, this was my third fastest 5K (in modern times). The anniversary of my now second fastest (then PR) 5K is next week. I'll be running the same event, the Gail Goran Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving in Smithtown, NY ( ). Dawn and Courtney are doing the fun run and Amanda and I are scheduled for a repeat showdown in the 5K. Last year she toasted me finishing a little over 7 minutes better than my performance (remember, this was my PR :( ). Stay tuned to see if there will be the smell of burnt toast for Thanksgiving in the Rock Star household or will I take some time out of her!

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