Thursday, October 23, 2008

A fine line between supergenius and insane.

I can't run. Even when I could run I couldn't really run, but that was changing last spring. I set a goal of qualifying for the 2009 NYC marathon by doing the 9 NYRR races that guarantee entry and was actually getting faster. Although no one would mistake me for lightning or rocket fast, I was finishing races closer to the middle of the pack than with the stragglers at the end, running the whole way. They were mostly short races but races are races. I got the 9 done.

I entered to lottery for the NYC08 marathon but Yolanda Vega didn't pick my number. I thought of the next best thing and signed up for the Philadelphia full marathon on November 23, 2008. This was going to be my first full marathon having walked the Long Island half marathon in May 2006 and run/walked the Disney Half in January 2008. I wanted to actually run (vs run/walk) Philly.

Then reality struck when I hurt my leg shutting me down for most training all summer. I've started training again but my longest run in months was this week: 48 minutes of 5 on/1 off. It wound up being a little less than 4 miles and I was hurting afterwards.

But I still have an entry into Philly. I downgraded it from the full to the half but they don't offer refunds. Maybe I can do it, maybe I can't, but I'm going to see if the training progresses enough to give it a shot. Stay tuned to see if the shot turns out to be a dud.

PS: Weight Watchers says down 9.2 pounds this week. Who woulda thunk it?

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