Friday, November 28, 2008

Amanda the rockstar.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. In addition to Dawn and my 15th wedding anniversary, we did a family Turkey Trot at the 6th annual Gail Gorin Turkey Trot in Smithtown, NY. Dawn and Courtney did the 1 mile fun run. I was amazed on how strong Courtney looked. Most days, Courtney would be the rockstar. In fact, her performance earned her rockstar status but there was still a 5K to be run.

Amanda made the trophy ("Victory") and it was winner take all. I tried my mind games on her in the days leading up to the race with little success. Last year she beat me by a little over 7 minutes. After the start (with no ready, set), I stayed with Amanda for about 10 seconds when she turned and said, "See ya." My goal pace was 11:00/mile and to see how many walk breaks I needed. Amanda was trying to beat her 5k personal record of 27:23.
I knew something was off when slightly after the two mile mark I saw runners joining the route from the wrong direction. Not one or two but about a hundred. Most were fast (or at least faster than me).

I ran a good race for a gravy sweating, injured, old, fat rockstar bettering my time from last year by a little over 30 seconds finishing in 34:18. This was my second fastest "5k" of the modern era even though the Garmin said 3.2 miles for me.

Amanda stayed with the lead group. Unfortunately, the leaders went off course and ran close to 4 miles! She still beat me soundly. No one knows how long she actually ran. Her time didn't set a PR but she came in 4th for the 0-18AG and 15th women overall. We don't know if 1,2 or 3 ran as long as she did but trophies were awarded only three deep so no hardware for her. A very impressive effort nonetheless. She won the trophy bettering me and earned rockstar status.
I may never beat her but will keep trying. There will be another 5k family challenge soon. Maybe the Ho Ho Ho on December 20. I think I have to watch out for Courtney a little too though.....

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