Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cedar Beach Tri

On Sunday, October 12, I completed the Cedar Beach Triathlon in Miller Place, New York.

I could write about:

  • How I wasn't ready for this race this year due to my leg not letting me train for the run. I was just going to do the race as a training exercise.

  • How the water conditions were hard with swells and currents causing a lot of people to bail out (maybe they were the smart ones as my time for the 3/4 mile swim exploded from 29:49 in 2007 to 38:45 in 2008).

  • The almost wipe out on the bike on wet pavement going downhill at about 30 mph. Did the second bike lap with a wheel out of true.

  • The nonrunning run being close to last year's time. Huh?

  • My lame attempt as a Capt. Morgan wannabee looking more like the Heisman.

But the most important thing about this race was my cheering sections. Courtney and Papa got up at O'dark hundred. They were there at every transition and helped me keep going just by my knowing that they were there. I couldn't image facing them if I gave up the swim as it was "too hard." Yup, guilt works.

The 2009 Eagleman team was well represented with Captain Casey Morgan getting the golden flipper award as first out of the drink and Fran nipping him at the end after a blistering bike leg. I heard Eaglechick Christine's name announced over the loudspeaker finishing as I still had about a quarter mile or so to go. Lots of TNT and TRE folks there too with lots of stories, some good and some less so.

Thanks to Robin (aka Mrs. Capt. Casey Morgan) for the picture of Courtney and the Rockstar!

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