Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clothing Cleanse

Most of the morning I spent going through each of my drawers and trying on all the clothes to make sure they fit. I was sorting them into 3 "groupings:" 1) stuff that fit (depressing since it was so little due to my fatness) ; 2) stuff that should go to charity; and finally 3) clothes that had a connection but do not fit anymore. The frightening point is that even though I have 4 bags of clothes designated for charity I still have plenty of clothes to wear.

I have yet attack the closet but that's on the plan. I also have the garage to attack but that has a real deadline as our garage door recently broke. The estimate to fix it is about the same to replace it. It is almost 20 years old so I think we got our money out of it. The downside is that they said we need to move all my bicycle stuff so that they can do the replacement. I think I may have more bicycle stuff than every day clothes, even after the cleanse.

This reminds me of the saying regarding spin class denizens. When you see them in real life the thought comes to mind of "I don't recognize you with your clothes on." You know what that means but it when said out loud it can mean something unintended to many.

Do you have too many clothes? How often do you cleanse?


Ransick said...

I have trouble throwing clothes away too. Even when they are out of style or I just don't like them, I have trouble pitching them. I've started a new rule with myself that whatever I get new, I have to throw away or donate at least that many of the same item. Seems to have stopped the accumulation at least.

Carolina John said...

yea we're just now getting around to the spring closet cleanout too. it's never pretty.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I still have clothes from middle school which is beyond ridiculous because even if I could still fit into them they are so out of style it's not even funny! Now that I share my walk in closet with someone (hubs would keep his stuff in the garage) I try to clean it out 2 x a year when I have to switch over from winter to summer stuff and vice versa but still doesn't work too well! Good luck with the garage! :-)

Scott said...

I just did the same thing last weekend and need to do the closet yet. It is remarkable how attached you can get to clothing..especially stuff I haven't worn in years..and probably haven't even seen in months.