Sunday, November 18, 2012

This and that.

  • Hurricane Sandy cleanup on Long Island continues. This sign was on my run this morning. There was some of the path was cleared but other parts were not.  Clearing a running trail shouldn't be a priority compared to the impact that others still have.

  • I entered the lottery for the 2013 NYC triathlon. I was rejected. I decided to enter via the "Champions Club" as plan B This seems to be a scam where you pay an extra $250 to get an entry to the 2013 race, a gym bag, 2 tickets to a special waiting area, and the ability to bypass the lottery for 2014.
  • I thought about signing up with Team in Training but decided against it. I might do St Anthony's Triathlon with TNT but I'll see if I get in via conventional registration first. That registration date is 12/1.
  • Just need to dial in a 70.3 for the tail end of 2013. I would think Shoreman in NJ the leading candidate. Beach 2 Battleship and Rev3CP are still under consideration but there is a lot of travel involved there.
  • NYC marathon is still under consideration.
  • Plan is still IMAZ in 2014. I thought about moving it up to 2013 but decided to stay with the plan.
  • Cablevision is an evil company. The most recent examples are that they are making people apply for refunds for during the Hurricane Sandy recovery time rather than just applying an appropriate credit. The second example was when we lost internet/phone, and cable again yesterday they would not even look into it, after waiting on phone for 15 minutes of advertizing because not enough people reported the outage so it couldn't be real. 24 hours later it is magically fixed, no one showed up, no one called.
Saw this sign on my run too and thought it great but probably not the context it was meant. BTW, doesn't everyone have a flag on their bike?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I will be at Rev3 CP and I am highly considering this, its around Buffalo, not sure how far that is to you, its bike heavy and less running

Unknown said...

Argh, I had a guaranteed entry to NYC Tri that I gave away to some guy named Fareed. You totally could have used it.

I might be at Shoreman, too, but I have to square away my clinic schedule for next year first.

BDD, that 100 mile tri looks really cool! Too bad it's so late in the season.

Carolina John said...

Do B2B. You know you want to. Come down with a bunch of NY friends. You can even drive a straight shot down I-95 to ease the cost of traveling with bikes.