Monday, September 3, 2012

Garmin Ant Sticks (or not).

I've been a long time Garmin user. I currently have 5 Garmin running/biking thingies in my household: Forerunner 305, Forerunner 310xt, Forerunner 910xt, Edge 500, Edge 705. Some have broken over time. I've replaced them. Some under warranty. Some not. I recently snapped my second Ant Stick off my laptop. Argh.

I wanted to see if there was an option to getting (and breaking) a third as I felt that the Ant Stick was a flawed device. It probably is OK for a desktop but for a laptop, it sticks out too much on a laptop. I do not have a desktop computer (that I can use) at home. After some searching I found DC Rainmaker's review of the Suunto Movestick Mini. You can find the review here.

The price for the Suunto and the Garmin were about the same so I ordered a Suunto via Amazon. I plugged it in and so far so good. I've only had it a short time and only used it with the 910xt but hope springs eternal.

Consider this a public service announcement. If you are plagued like me with this issue you may want to consider this option. I have received no compensation nor product nor anything for this write up (I don't consider it a review as I couldn't rival Ray's).


Aka Alice said...

Since my history (and luck) with electronic gadgets of all sorts is rather bad, I'm stunned that I've never lost or broken my Ant Stick off in my laptop.

Of course, now that I've said that I've had such good luck, I'm sure I've jinxed it, so I'm glad I know about the Suunto (how does one say that anyway?) device. I'm sure I'll be needing it soon.

Unknown said...

Like yourself, I have a a few garmins. I have been pretty lucky with the ANT sticks. However, if I ever break one, it is good to know that I can use the Suunto. I like the size.

Teamarcia said...

Hey I like your new header!
I don't even wanna think about all the Garmins I've chewed up and spit out over the years.