Thursday, September 20, 2012

Current events homework

C: Daddy, I have a question.
RS: Ok.
C: I need a topic for my social studies project.
RS: What's the assignment?
C: We have to write a paragraph on a current affairs topic dealing with different societies.
RS: Any ideas?
C: What about that guy who gave a speech?
RS: Which guy?
C: You know the baseball player who died?
RS: Which player was that?
C: I dont know his name but he had a disease named after him and he died when he was 23. He gave a speech about him being a lucky guy.
RS: 23? Do you mean Lou Gehrig? ALS?
C: Yea, that's the guy!
RS: He wasn't 23. He was much older..... like 37.
C: Whatever.
RS: And it wasn't that he was a lucky guy but he was "the luckiest man alive." He was a Yankee.
C: I don't like the Yankees.
RS: Where did the 23 come from?
C: That must of been how old Michael Jordan was when he got AIDS.
A: Michael Jordan didn't get AIDS. You mean Magic Johnson. And he has HIV, not AIDS.
C: That's right.
A: Michael Jordan's number was 23.
C: That's must be where I got that from.
MrsRS: Where did this ALS come from?
A: She is reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" I bet. Morrie had ALS.
C: Yup, but I'm only 20 pages into it. Don't ruin it for me.
RS: None of this is "current events." Do you know about any current events?
C: Of course I do.
RS: What about the ambassador who got killed?
C: I saw that.
RS: Do you know why he was killed?
C: No, the news blip on the iPad only said he was killed, not why.
RS: What about the redistribution of wealth and the election?
C: Nobody cares about that.
RS: Some do.
C: I still think the lucky guy story will work.
Mrs.RS: All the facts are in there but the connections are a little off.
C: No they aren't.
C: He died.
C: He gave a speech.
C: He had a disease named after him.
C: I know my stuff.
RS: Good thing it is still early in the school year.
C: I know my stuff.


Ransick said...

Ha, sounds like you might have a stubborn, self confident one :-). Nothing wrong with that at all. We have one like that and she is a real go getter now.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you need a movie night in the Rockstar home, queue up,"Pride of the Yankees" and maybe since it is in black and white it might not seem as "current"!

Anonymous said...

Whew - when I saw "homework" in the title, I thought you were giving me homework...

TriMOEngr said...

How's that bump on your head? You know, the one from you banging it against the wall during/after this conversation. Ah, our fine education system at work! My son argues with me when I try to correct his work - drives me insane. My daughter argues some too, but I can see a stubborn streak forming. Hope it all worked out. Does your household still even get an actual newspaper?

Unknown said...

But Dad, I know my stuff!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

This sounds like my house, only mine goes ahead and writes it, then discusses afterward.

Big Clyde said...

I had a debate with my 11-year-old son about "Greg Gatsby".