Friday, May 11, 2012

I forgot.

A while ago I joined a bike club to get my riding in. They had a club century scheduled for that thing called "the future" so I all proud of myself , I signed up.

The future in this case I recently realized is tomorrow. Tomorrow as in the day after today. Yikes.

I forgot that one should actually train for an event like this. I forgot that one should actually pay attention to what one eats while training for an event like this so I'm fat. I forgot that during the aforementioned forgotten training rides one should practice what one plans on eating and drinking during long rides to prepare for events like this.

I just went to the supermarket (didn't forget that) and bought the food stuffs that I used successfully during iron training except went with Gatorade instead of Ironcrap.

Another thing I forgot was that I signed up for another ride, the Gran Fondo NY, for another time also called the future. In this case the future is, ummm, next week.

So, at 7am I point the bike east and ride towards the east end of Long Island. Wonder what else I forgot?

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