Friday, August 26, 2011

Preview of the Tobay Runner's Edge Triathlon

I'm scheduled to race the Runner's Edge Tobay Triathlon this Sunday. I've raced this event before and it has the "honor" of being the first triathlon I ever started and finished. It is a sprint triathlon with a 1k (or so) swim, a 15k hilly bike ride and a 5k run. Last year my daughter joined a relay team with two of her friends and they came in third place in the female relay division. This year she is racing the whole enchilada herself. Against me.

I got her a wetsuit and took her swimming in it a few times. She "stole" her mother's bike (Specialized Ruby) and BikeMike adjusted the fit for her. She spent last week at running camp and ran every day. She is 15 years old and probably like all teenagers know everything about everything. Of course on Thursday she twisted her ankle while running.

Even so, she should take a ton of time out of me on the run since she runs well and I can't run basically at all. This is her first open water swim so I should take some time out of her there but since it is only 1000 meters, how much time can I take out of her? It all comes down to the bike. She climbs much better than I do but I descend much better than she does. My wave is supposed to go off 15 minutes after hers and if I can catch her before the run I have a shot.

Am I a mean daddy since I told her she can't borrow my Zipp wheels?

All this might be moot as Hurricane Irene is bearing down on us for Sunday morning. I expect this race to be cancelled or significantly modified so am riding long on Saturday in the (hopefully) calm before the storm instead of any sort of taper. There are states of emergency already declared. What does this all mean? I don't know.

We won't race if it isn't safe but if it is? Game on girl.


Kate Geisen said...

I would totally try to kick my kids' butts. In my case, I'd probably lose, though at least my bike would give me an edge. I could beat them in a HIM, if I could last through the swim, but I think they'd win anything shorter.

So good luck! And especially good luck with the weather situation. Stay safe!

Unknown said...

you'll get her on the bike!

Unknown said...

Be safe out there!

Crush her (-:

Anne said...

Have a blast out there with your daughter...give her something to work towards :)

Hope hurricane Irene loses some of its steam!

TriMOEngr said...

My daughter is 7 and did her first kids' race this summer and already has "the bug". Congrats to your daughter for tackling this. I think I'll cheer for her. What a great activity to do together (even if you want to beat her).

Carolina John said...

Make that girl pay for her teenage indiscretions!! Good luck and have fun man. I don't expect Irene to be too bad by the time it gets up there. The NC coast is going to take the brunt of it.

Unknown said...

Zipp wheels are something that should be earned. ;)

I look forward to the race report!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Tell her to watch out for the sharks and water snakes, could give you 5 additional minutes in the swim

Could adjust her rear brake to rub against the rim, could take her 10 mins or so to figure out that its happening, if she never figures it out, her legs are toast for the run.

Be safe out there.

As Jeff said "Crush Her"

Al's CL Reviews said...

I love the fact you are trying to kick your daughter's butt. It just cracks me up!